Bilde av Fraser, Richard
Bilde av Fraser, Richard
Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap +4777644638

Richard Fraser


  • Richard Fraser :
    The “Heritage-isation” of Photographs: The Ethel John Lindgren Collection and the Orochen Ethnic Minority in Northeast China
    Heritage & Society 2022 DOI
  • Richard Fraser :
    A museum in the taiga: heritage, ethnic tourism and museum-building amongst the Orochen in northeast China
    Journal of Heritage Tourism 2022 DOI
  • Richard Fraser :
    Contesting the Chinese Taiga: spirits, reindeer, and environmental conservation in Northeast China
    Routledge 2021
  • Richard Fraser :
    In-Between the Rural and the Urban: Skill and Migration in Ulaanbaatar’s Ger-Districts
    Ethnos 2021 DOI
  • Richard Fraser :
    Cultural heritage, ethnic tourism, and minority-state relations amongst the Orochen in north-east China
    International Journal of Heritage Studies (IJHS) 2020 DOI
  • Richard Fraser :
    Motorcycles on the Steppe: Skill, Social Change, and New Technologies in Postsocialist Northern Mongolia
    Nomadic Peoples 2018 DOI
  • Richard Fraser :
    Forced Relocation amongst the Reindeer-Evenki of Inner Mongolia
    Inner Asia 2010
  • Richard Fraser, Åshild Kolås :
    Tents, Taiga and Tourist-Parks: Evenki Vernacular Architecture and the State
    Berghahn Books 2015

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