Bilde av Ricaud, Benjamin
Foto: Benjamin Ricaud
Bilde av Ricaud, Benjamin
Institutt for fysikk og teknologi +4777625247

Benjamin Ricaud

Førsteamanuensis / Gruppeleder Maskinlæring



Member of the Machine learning group at UiT and Visual Intelligence.

Personal website:

Research interests:

  • Machine learning, data analysis
  • Graph signal processing and machine learning
  • Explainability in machine learning/deep learning



  • Image Processing FYS-2010
  • Pattern Recognition FYS-3012 (fall 2022)
  • Machine Learning FYS-2021 (Starting fall 2023)

  • Eduard Khachatrian, Patricia Lea Elisabeth Asemann, Zhou Lihong, Yngve Birkelund, Igor Ezau, Benjamin Ricaud :
    Exploring the Potential of Sentinel-1 Ocean Wind Field Product for Near-Surface Offshore Wind Assessment in the Norwegian Arctic
    Atmosphere 2024 ARKIV / DOI
  • Benjamin Ricaud :
    A short introduction to AI generative models
  • Iver Martinsen, Benjamin Ricaud, David Wade, Fred Godtliebsen :
    An efficient pipeline for microfossil analysis
  • Benjamin Ricaud :
    Some limitations of large language models and what to expect from them is the next months
  • Benjamin Ricaud, Lars Ailo Aslaksen Bongo :
    Pitch day UiT
  • Benjamin Ricaud, Lars Ailo Aslaksen Bongo :
    Innovation evening at IFI
  • Tetiana Lutchyn, Benjamin Ricaud, Marie Mardal, Michael Nedahl :
    Analysing drugs properties using mass spectrometry and molecular structure
  • Mathias Novik Jensen, Benjamin Ricaud, Olav Gaute Hellesø :
    De-noising and differentiation of low-SNR Raman-spectra of EV's
  • Benjamin Ricaud, Volodymyr Miz, Filippo Maria Bianchi, Nicolas Aspert :
    Introduction to Graph Machine Learning
    2022 DATA
  • Benjamin Ricaud :
    Graph machine learning

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