Bilde av Campbell, Karley
Bilde av Campbell, Karley
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Karley Campbell



I am an Associate Professor of Marine Botany specializing in the research of sea ice microorganisms, biogeochemistry and climate change. As part of this work I lead the MicroSIO (Microscopic Sea Ice Organism) laboratory that cultures over ten species of ice algae for experimentation.  I am the principal investigator of the Research Council of Norway BREATHE (Bottom sea ice Respiration and nutrient Exchanges Assessed for THE Arctic) project. Visit to learn more.


  • Jon Brage Svenning, Terje Vasskog, Karley Lynn Campbell, Agnethe Hansen Bæverud, Torbjørn Norberg Myhre, Lars Dalheim m.fl.:
    Lipidome Plasticity Enables Unusual Photosynthetic Flexibility in Arctic vs. Temperate Diatoms
    Marine Drugs 2024 DOI
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  • Benjamin Allen Lange, Ilkka O. Matero, Evgenii Salganik, Karley Lynn Campbell, Christian Katlein, Philipp Anhaus m.fl.:
    Biophysical characterization of summer Arctic sea-ice habitats using a remotely operated vehicle-mounted underwater hyperspectral imager
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  • Fernando Puente-Sánchez, Luis Alberto Macías-Pérez, Karley Lynn Campbell, Marta Royo-Llonch, Vanessa Balagué, Pablo Sánchez m.fl.:
    Bacterioplankton taxa compete for iron along the early spring–summer transition in the Arctic Ocean
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  • Megan Willis, Delphine Lannuzel, Brent Else, Helene Angot, Karley Lynn Campbell, Odile Crabeck m.fl.:
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  • Zoé Lulu Forgereau, Benjamin A. Lange, Rolf Gradinger, Philipp Assmy, Janina E. Osanen, Laura Martín Garcia m.fl.:
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  • Nicole M. Pogorzelec, Kathleen M. Gough, Sun-Yong Ha, Karley Campbell, Brent Else, Kwanwoo Kim m.fl.:
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  • Nerea Johanna Aalto, Hannah Schweitzer, Stina Krsmanovic, Karley Campbell, Hans Christopher Bernstein :
    Diversity and Selection of Surface Marine Microbiomes in the Atlantic-Influenced Arctic
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  • Karley Campbell, Benjamin Lange, Jack Christopher Landy, Christian Katlein, Marcel Nicolaus, Philipp Anhaus m.fl.:
    Net heterotrophy in High Arctic first-year and multi-year spring sea ice
    Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Pedro Duarte, Philipp Assmy, Karley Campbell, Arild Sundfjord :
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    Geoscientific Model Development 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Nerea Johanna Aalto, Karley Campbell, Hans Christian Eilertsen, Hans Christopher Bernstein :
    Drivers of Atmosphere-Ocean CO2 Flux in Northern Norwegian Fjords
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  • Karley Campbell, Ilkka Matero, Christopher Bellas, Thomas Turpin-Jelfs, Philipp Anhaus, Martin Graeve m.fl.:
    Monitoring a changing Arctic: Recent advancements in the study of sea ice microbial communities
    Ambio 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Nadja Steiner, Jeff Bowman, Karley Campbell, Melissa Chierici, Eeva Eronen-Rasimus, Marianne Falardeau m.fl.:
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  • Doreen Kohlbach, Steven W. Duerksen, Benjamin Lange, Joannie Charette, Anke Reppchen, Pascal Tremblay m.fl.:
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  • Delphine Lannuzel, Letizia Tedesco, Maria van Leeuwe, Karley Campbell, Hauke Flores, Bruno Delille m.fl.:
    The future of Arctic sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems
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  • Benjamin A. Lange, Christian Haas, Joannie Charette, Christian Katlein, Karley Campbell, Steven Duerksen m.fl.:
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  • Maria A. Van Leeuwe, Letizia Tedesco, Kevin R. Arrigo, Philipp Assmy, Karley Campbell, Klaus M. Meiners m.fl.:
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  • Eva Susanne Leu, Karley Campbell, Megan Lenss, Anna Miettinnen, Rolf Rudolf Gradinger, Sünnje Linnéa Basedow m.fl.:
    High Spring Productivity across the Barents Sea Polar Front: Hotspot or Mismatch?
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  • Benjamin Lange, Janina Emilia Osanen, Karley Campbell, Ilkka Materp, Evgenii Salganik, Christian Katlein m.fl.:
    Biophysical characterization of summer Arctic sea ice habitats using a ROV- (and under-ice arm)-mounted Underwater Hyperspectral Imager

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    Life in the oceans is supported by an abundance of microscopic algae and bacteria that synthesize organic compounds and recycle them within the lower trophic levels, respectively. The activity of these microorganisms also influences the movement of carbon dioxide (CO2) between oceans and the atmosphere [1], which is an important function given the rising CO2 emissions that are currently driving a warming trend of the global climate [2]. In particular, the polar regions are warming faster than anywhere else on Earth, and the resulting impact on cryosphere systems is substantial [3; 4]. Changes in sea ice volume, seasonality and coverage in the Arctic Ocean are particularly concerning for specialized algae and bacteria that inhabit sea ice [5; 6].The uncertain response of these vulnerable sea ice algae and bacteria to environmental change has been the focus of my research. This has involved method development to quantify abundance and productivity, field-based process studies to assess biological-physical coupling, and stressor experiments on ice algae cultures to target species-specific responses. I am also interested in the composition of microbial communities and how this varies with growth conditions characteristic of different ice habitats. This involves taxonomic identification of sea ice algae, as well as collaborations (eg Sanchez-Baracaldo laboratory Bristol, UK) to complete metagenomic analyses.

    References : [1] Falkowski et al. 1998, Science, 200-206; [2] Graverson et al., 2008, Nature Lett. 53-57; [3] Hansen et al., 2010, Reviews Geophys. RG4004; [4] Screen and Simmonds, 2010, Nature Lett. 1334-1337; [5] Vihma et al., 2014, Surv. Geophys. 1175-1214; [6] Leu et al., 2015, Prog. Oceanogr. 151-170.


    Keywords : sea ice, algae, bacteria, production, phycology, climate change, biogeochemistry


    Ongoing Projects:


    Weddell Sea Observatory of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Change (WOBEC), Alfred Wegener Institute (Investigator),

    Impact of CRYosphere Melting Southern Ocean Ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles (ICRYME), Norwegian Polar Insitute (WP lead) 

    Bottom-sea ice Respiration and nutrient Exchanges Assessed for THE Arctic (BREATHE), UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Principal Investigator)


    PolarFront, Akvaplan niva & UiT The Arctic University of Norway (Contributor) 


    In the news:

    Selection of Recent Work :

    Campbell, K, et al. (2022), 'Net heterotrophy in High Arctic first-year and multi-year spring sea ice'. Elementa Science of the Anthropocene ', 10 (1), 00040.

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