Bilde av Schmider, Tilman
Bilde av Schmider, Tilman
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Tilman Schmider

PhD candidate

  • Tilman John Siegfried Schmider, Anne Grethe Hestnes, Julia Brzykcy, Hannes Schmidt, Arno Schintlmeister, Benjamin Roller m.fl.:
    Physiological basis for atmospheric methane oxidation and methanotrophic growth on air
    Nature Communications 2024 DOI
  • Lisa-Maria Mauerhofer, Sara Zwirtmayr, Patricia Pappenreiter, Sébastien Bernacchi, Arne Seifert, Barbara Reischl m.fl.:
    Hyperthermophilic methanogenic archaea act as high-pressure CH4 cell factories
    Communications Biology 2021
  • Aaron Zipperle, Barbara Reischl, Tilman Schmider, Michael Stadlbauer, Ivan Kushkevych, Christian Pruckner m.fl.:
    Biomethanation of Carbon Monoxide by Hyperthermophilic Artificial Archaeal Co-Cultures
    Fermentation 2021
  • Alexander Tøsdal Tveit, Tilman Schmider, Anne Grethe Hestnes, Matteus Lindgren, Alena Didriksen, Mette Marianne Svenning :
    Simultaneous Oxidation of Atmospheric Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen for Bacterial Growth
    Microorganisms 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lisa-Maria Mauerhofer, Barbara Reischl, Tilman Schmider, Benjamin Schupp, Kinga Nagy, Patricia Pappenreiter m.fl.:
    Physiology and methane productivity of Methanobacterium thermaggregans
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 2018
  • Yngvild Bjørdal, Kathrin Marina Bender, Liabo Motleleng, Bente Lindgård, Andreas Richter, Victoria Sophie Martin m.fl.:
    Higher rRNA concentrations lead to elevated methane production rates during cooling in Arctic peatlands?
  • Dimitri Kalenitchenko, Tilman Schmider, Pernille Fåne, Franziska Nigel, Annemarie Mol, Mette Marianne Svenning m.fl.:
    Arctic terrestrial seeps; an overlooked microbial methane sink?
  • Andrea Söllinger, Tilman Schmider, Alexander Tveit :
    Temporal Dynamics of Cold-Adapted CH4-Cycling Microorganisms & Microbial Communities in a Changing Arctic

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    Atmospheric methane oxidizing bacteria are the only known biological sink for atmospheric methane, a potent greenhouse gas responsible for about 20% of global warming. Despite the discovery of atmospheric methane oxidation by bacteria in the early 90s, the first known atmospheric methane oxidizer in pure culture was described in 2019. Based on the unique availability of these microorganisms in pure culture at the UiT, it is finally possible to assess their physiology and investigate the traits that enable life on air. During my PhD, I focus on the physiological basis of these bacteria to live on trace amounts of methane and the related energy harvest during methane oxidation.