Forskerlinjen i psykologi

Forskerlinjen i Psychology is the first programme of its kind in Norway. It is designed for highly motivated students who want to immerse themselves in a field of interest within psychology and pursue a career in research. We strongly encourage motivated students at UiT’s master and professional psychology programmes who seek a further career in research to apply for the programme.

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This years students and their projects

New projects starting in 2020

  • A specialization within psychological research which amounts to 120 studiepoeng.

  • Open for students at the masters programme and professional psychology programme at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

  • A maximum of 6 students are accepted each year.

  • By the end of the degree the student receives a diploma with Master in Psychology with Forskerlinje or Cand.psychol. with Forskerlinje.

  • Gain hands-on experience of conducting research and extensive knowledge of the full research process.

  • Acquire important skills necessary for pursuing a career in research.

  • Work closely with skilled faculty members/professional researchers and get the chance to build a network within the field.

  • Receive funding to work full time for one year on a research project in your own area of interest, with options for summer stipends and additional funding.

  • Conduct research in a supportive and encouraging environment next to skilled researchers and supervisors.

  • Produce a research article which can be the beginning of your PhD in psychology.

By completing the forskerlinje programme the student will:

  • Have advanced knowledge within the respective research field.

  • Master scientific theory and methods for their particular research field.

  • Identify relevant ethical issues in their research project.

  • Assess the appropriateness and application of various methods and processes in research.

  • Know of the most common forms of scientific publishing for psychological research.

Admission requirements

  • Applicants should be students at either the master programme in psychology or at professional psychology programme at UiT. However, they should not be in their final study year.

  • Applicants have to have passed all previous exams in their original study programme.

  • Grade requirements are set to higher than C for statistical courses, and equal to or higher than C for other classes.

The application should contain 

  • An application letter of one page where the student presents themselves and their motivation for research and their reasoning for the desired project they wish to apply for.

  • CV, testimonials and references


  • All applicants that meet the requirements will be contacted for an interview.

  • The emphasize will be on the student`s motivation, interest in research and personal fitness for the programme.

  • The interview committee will consist of forskerlinjen committee, a student representative, a representative of the administration and potential supervisors. 

The application deadline is October 15th each year.

  • Forskerlinjen consists of two parts: coursework (30 studiepoeng) and one research article (90 studiepoeng).

  • The coursework is identical to the obligatory researcher education for the PhD degree at the faculty and provides 30 studiepoeng.

  • The student must write a scientific article or manuscript in English, preferably published in an international peer-review journal.

  • All permanent members of IPS with a doctorate degree can be supervisors for forskerlinje students.

  • The student collaborates closely with the supervisor and possibly other co-authors on writing the manuscript/research article.

  • The students expertise in scientific publishing will increase through meetings, submission of draft manuscripts and other forms of collaboration and education.

  • After feedback from the journal editor the supervisor will give advice and instructions to improve the manuscript/research article.

  • The student receives personal supervision from the supervisor of 100 hours.

  • At the end of the year there will be a written exam which will constitute of the research article and an oral exam.

  • The evaluation of the coursework, the research article and the exam will be an assessment in the form of pass/fail.

  • The coursework and other work requirements must be passed to hand in the research article for evaluation.

  • The examination is open for the public and consists of:

  1. Evaluation of the submitted research article.

  2. Oral presentation (20 minutes).

  3. Defense (up till 40 minutes).

Grant arrangements for forskerlinjen i psykologi

During the research year, students admitted to forskerlinjen i psykologi will receive a student grant equivalent to 100 000 NOK. In addition, they can apply for an interest exemption from the Lånekasse. The student grants are financed by the Research Council of Norway. 

After successfully finishing the research year, forskerlinje students are entitled to apply for an additional student grant of up to 100 000 NOK. This will be received in form of 25 000 NOK through four semesters in total. Individual adjustments are available to students with less than four semesters remaining of their major subject by the end of the research year.   

There is no automatic allocation of the grants. At the end of the full year of research, the student will submit a draft of a scientific paper summarizing the research the student did in the past year and a short progress report. An external grader will evaluate both documents (pass/fail). A student can only apply for additional funding if both documents are approved. For further funding in a later period, the student has to document a normal study progression and the supervisor has to recommend more funding. The application form needs to be submitted before the deadline.

A work plan for the period in which the grant is applied for (max. half a page) must be included in the application for a student grant. The supervisor must send a recommendation for the grant via a direct e-mail to the administration.

Application deadlines are the 15th of October for funding for the next spring semester and 1st of March for funding for the next autumn and spring semesters.


Summer grants

The student is granted to apply for up to two summer grants during the entire subject, spread across six weeks for each grant. The grant consists of 33 000 NOK and is tax free. The summer grants are financed by the Faculty of Health Sciences, and it is at all times the economy of the faculty that decides the size of and opportunity for grants. 

The first summer grant cannot be granted until the project description is approved. Summer grants are only paid out to forskerlinje students that have passed their exams for the same spring semester. In addition, it is possible to apply for a summer grant from the Lånekasse.

Funding for research

Students admitted to forskerlinjen i psykologi can apply for funding for their research (“driftsmidler”; e.g., participant incentives, software, travel to conferences) for up to 50 000 NOK. The funds do not cover food expenses during travel. Applications will be accepted at any time from students in the FL-program. The application must contain a short reasoning why the funding is needed (max. one page) and a budget (max. one page). The application must be signed by the student and the supervisor and has to be sent to administration (  The application along with travel receipt, other receipts, and confirmation from the supervisor, are to be sent to the administration after the completed travel.

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Main facts

  • One year full time research

  • Followed by part time research

  • One scientific publication

  • Six students per year

  • PhD courses included

  • Fully funded 

Application deadline:
October 15th 2019.


Study plan for forskerlinjen i psykologi