autumn 2024
LAR-3092 Pre-Diploma - 6 ECTS

Type of course

Cannot be taken as an individual course. Available only to students enrolled in the study programme Master’s in landscape architecture.

Obligatory prerequisites

LAR-3081 Studio 2: Landscape Practices

Course overlap

If you pass the examination in this course, you will get an reduction in credits (as stated below), if you previously have passed the following courses:

LAN-3092 Pre-Diploma 6 ects

Course content

The purpose of this course is to prepare the student for independent work related to their diploma project and functions as the preliminary research part of the thesis project. The project and related work must be connected to Arctic/subarctic landscapes.

Objectives of the course

After passing the course, the students will have obtained the following learning outcomes:


•Understanding of the complexity connected to a given landscape and selected issue.

•Awareness of the issue’s historical, societal, theoretical, and methodological terms.

•Understanding of the natural, social, cultural, and technological conditions which are central to landscape architecture.


•The ability to define the framework for landscape architectural research.

•The ability to collect relevant literature, reference projects and expertise in relation to the selected issue.

•The ability to convey complex issues in a clear and manageable way through the use of text and graphics.

General competence:

•The ability to independently implement a research project and facilitate one’s own work time.

•The ability to relate to a complex issue within the field of landscape architecture and identify central aspects.

•The ability to reflect critically over one’s own professionalism and the societal relevance of the research work.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

Teaching consists primarily of individual or group supervision. Lectures may be included as part of the teaching. The students must work independently with the pre-diploma report.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is open for exchange students who fulfil the admission requirements (please see the study programme's "Admission requirements" section).

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Examination: Date: Grade scale:
Assignment 08.11.2024 14:00 (Hand in) Passed / Not Passed

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Work requirement Approved – not approved
UiT Exams homepage

More info about the coursework requirements

Participation in two mid-course reviews, where the preliminary report is presented orally

More info about the assignment

The report shall be based on the research done for the future diploma project. This report will function as the starting point for the diploma project and must contain the following overarching themes:

•Description of the topic/thesis statement.

•Presentation of the project’s geographical/physical context.

•Review and discussion of relevant literature.

•Review and discussion of reference projects.

•Summary and discussion of user/stakeholder perspectives.

The report, including illustrations, must be 20-30 pages (A4)

Re-sit examination

Students who do not pass the previous ordinary examination can gain access to a re-sit examination.
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