autumn 2024
DTE-3609 Virtual Reality, Graphics and Animation - theory - 5 ECTS

Type of course

The course can be taken as a single course. For students at the Master's Degree Programme in Applied Computer Science.

Admission requirements

A relevant undergraduate Bachelor Engineering program with minimum 25 credits mathematics, 5 credits statistics, 7,5 credits physics

Recommended prerequisite knowledge: Knowledge of graphics and C++

Application code: 9371

Course content

This course focuses on theory in graphics, virtual reality and animation.

Topics include:

  • Computer Graphics Pipeline
  • Transformation of objects
  • Camera and lighting
  • Texturing
  • Collision control
  • Shader programming for objects, environments and effects.

Recommended prerequisites

END-3607 Geometric Modelling

Objectives of the course

Learning outcomes, skills and attitudes

On completion of the course the successful student is expected to have the following:


Be able to describe in words, the central terminology, definitions, standards, methods and trends within the areas that are included in this course.


Be able to use the knowledge to analyse and plan how to solve concrete examples.

General competence

Know that basic visualisation techniques can be used in computer graphics, VR and animations / simulations.

Language of instruction and examination

All the teaching material will be held in Norwegian or English (Provided the presence of English-speaking students, English will be chosen).

All delivered material must be in English.

Teaching methods

The teaching is held using a variation of flipped classroom, where videos, lectures, group discussions and smaller seminars are included.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is open for inbound exchange student who meets the admission requirements. Please see the Admission requirements" section".

Master Level

Do you have questions about this module? Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty: INBOUND STUDENT MOBILITY: COURSE COORDINATORS AT THE FACULTIES | UiT



Examination: Date: Grade scale:
Portfolio 10.10.2024 14:00 (Hand in) A–E, fail F

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Mandatory Tasks Approved – not approved
UiT Exams homepage

More info about the coursework requirements

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Delivery of mandatory tasks, with a passing grade.

Mandatory stand-up meetings and group seminars

More info about the portfolio

The portfolio consists of graded tasks of different delivery types (i.e. report, code snippet, e-test).

Re-sit examination

There will not be arranged a re-sit exam for this course.
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  • ECTS: 5
  • Course code: DTE-3609
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