The present - the future - methods 


Thursday Dec. 02 -  Venue: Hotel the Edge - Conference and dinner 
 0900-0915 Welcome - Torkjel Sandanger (Leader of EPINOR)  and Elisabete Weiderpass (IARC Director) 
  Morning session topic: Covid-19 - 
The Covid 19 pandemic and the role of epidemiology and epidemiologists
0915- 1000 Norway
Camilla Stoltenberg, Director of The Norwegian Institute of Public Health - on screen

As covid continues its tour of Europe - is there public health evidence to support covid passes and vaccine mandates?
Allyson Pollock, Newcastle University - on screen

1020-1040 Denmark 
Elsebeth Lynge, University of Copenhagen & Henrik Toft Sørensen, University of Aarhus

1040-1050 Break
1050-1110 UK
David Leon, LSHTM - on screen


Paolo Vineis, Imperial College London (video)
 1130-1230  Lunch
1230-1315 The Pandemic - lessons learned
Fiona Godlee, Chief Editor BMJ - on screen
 1315-1325  Break
  Climate change and epidemiology
1325-1330 Introduction
Torkjel Sandanger

Lancet countdown 2021 report on climate and health
Joacim Rocklöv, Umeå University - on screen

1415-1430 Break
1430-1450 Adressing climate change
Paolo Vineis, Imperial College London (video) 
1450-1510 Nutrition and sustainability
Helle Margrete Meltzer, National Institute of Public Health - on screen

Questions and summary 

1700 Reception

The future of epidemiology and epidemiologists in health care and beyond

Panel Debate - Opening by Dag Thelle - panel members EPINOR International Advisory Board  
Led by Magne Nylenna, National Insitute of Public Health, Norway

2000 Dinner


Friday Dec. 03 - Venue: Hotel the Edge 
  Epidemiology and big data – the way forward?
0900-0915 Introduction
Magne Thoresen, University of Oslo
 0915-1000 Epidemiology in a time of coronavirus and beyond: Data and decision making
Miguel Hernan (Harvard University)
 1000-1015 Break 
Big data and cancer research
Giske Ursin, Director of the Norwegian Cancer Registry
 1035-1055 Big data on development of health disparities in Denmark
Elsebeth Lynge, University of Copenhagen
 1055-1115 The use of AI in cardiovascular disease – and in particular the issue of whether
ECGs can provide a unique biomarker of biological age
David Leon, LSHTM - on screen
1115-1130  Break

Digital contact tracing apps for preventing COVID transmission: inception, model-informed design, evaluation using observational big data, and a look ahead
Christophe Fraser, Oxford Big Data Insitute 

1215-1240 Summary - Big Data 
12.40 - 13.00  Concluding remarks - Lunch at 13.00



On Screen: 
Professor Elisabete Weiderpass
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
Professor Miguel Hernan
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Professor Elsebeth Lynge
University of Copenhagen
Professor David Leon
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Professor Marie Reilly
Karolinska Institutet
Professor Henrik Toft Sørensen
University of Aarhus
On Screen:
Professor Paolo Vineis
Imperial College, London
Professor Anne Tjønneland
University of Copenhagen
Professor Camilla Stoltenberg
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Professor Magne Nylenna
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Fiona Godlee
Christophe Fraser
Giske Ursin
Norwegian Cancer Registry
Dag Thelle
Helle Margrete Meltzer
National Institute of Public Health