EPINOR - The Future of Epidemiology

Winter School in Cancer Epidemiology and seminar The Future of Epidemiology - for slide PDFs please see links in the program below

Time: 29 Nov – 3 Dec 2021
Place: Tromsø

Program overview

EPINOR Winter School 

Day 1: Classical epidemiology & registries - UiT Campus
Day 2: Molecular cancer epidemiology 1 & 2 - UiT Campus 
Day 3: Statistical significance & emerging topics in epidemiology - UiT Campus

The Future of Epidemiology seminar

Day 4: The Covid 19 Pandemic - Climate change and epidemiology - Panel Debate - Hotel The Edge
Day 5: Epidemiology and big data – the way forward? - Hotel the Edge

EPINOR Winter School in Cancer Epidemiology is a collaboration between the Norwegian Researchs School in population based epidemiology(EPINOR) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer(IARC). The Winter School includes three days of lecturs given by IARC and The Norwegian Cancer Registry. The Winter School program is also suitable for epidemiology PhD students who do not work with cancer research. We hope many of our beloved EPINOR members will join! 

Thursday morning both WInter School and The Future of Epidemiology will be combined in two days of interesting and aspiring disussions about the future of epidemiology. EPINOR will invite EPINOR supervisors throughout the years to join. The first twenty registeres partcipants will get the travel cost and stay covered by EPINOR. We hope as many as possible of the Norwegian epidemiologists will join!     

Starter: 29.11.21 kl 00.00
Slutter: 03.12.21 kl 14.00
Hvor: Tromsø
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Inviterte
Ansvarlig: Bente Schøning
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