History, status and future of the Artful Dementia Research Lab

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Dragana Lukic

Artful Dementia Research Lab is the operational unit for the research project Artful Dementia that had its origin in 2015. The idea that dementia might be something else than what everybody seemed to believe grew out of new knowledge about the entanglements of arts and dementia. Now, nearly eight years later, we know much more about these entanglements and how they might produce dementia and life with dementia differently. In this event we take stock of the knowledge we have produced and invite interested parties to learn and discuss with us. 

The event can be followed online, but audience is also welcome to join us physically at the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies, Breiviklia, UiT.



09:15-09:50: From Artful Dementia to Artful Dementia Research Lab, by Project leader, Professor Ann Therese Lotherington 

10:00-10:25: On becoming a lab, by Senior Researcher Lilli Mittner

10:30-13:50 (including breaks): Glimpses into our research on fine arts, music, creative writing, drama and dance.

Aperitif: The Artful Dementia Film  (Mittner, Bergli, Grøn. 2021. UiT The Arctic University of Norway)

Feel free to watch the film here if you cannot attend the seminar: https://youtu.be/F868OGukSjE

Theories, methods and findings in our projects:

  • PhD-candidtate Dragana Lukić
  • Senior Researcher Lilli Mittner
  • Professor Ann Therese Lotherington
  • PhD-candidate Karoline Dalby
  • Choreographer, Dancer and Auteur Ingrid Tranum Velásquez

Comments and input from partners and others:

  • Registered nurse and MA-student Rosalie Heimke, Herdecke University, Germany
  • Others 

14:00-14:25: Conducting open research together with people living with dementia, by Senior Researcher Lilli Mittner.

14:30-15:00: What about the future for this kind of research?

There will be breaks between each post in the programme, which means that it willl be possible to plan if you cannot attend all posts.  

Do also join us in the Friday 16 June Webinar at 10:00: My memory returned to me, with Teri Szucs at 10:00. See the event here: https://uit.no/tavla/artikkel/813324/adlab_webinar_my_memory_returned_to_me_writing  

Når: 14.06.23 kl 09.15–15.00
Hvor: Zoom
Sted: Digitalt, Tromsø
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Kontakt: Ann Therese Lotherington
Telefon: +47 91811551
E-post: ann.t.lotherington@uit.no
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