Experimental Health Research Conference (EHRC) - Mímisbrunnr 2023

Illustrasjons-/bannerbilde for Experimental Health Research Conference (EHRC) - Mímisbrunnr 2023
Foto: Kjersti Sellæg

The aim of the conference is to facilitate establishment of competitive research collaborations.

We want to achieve this through: 

  • Presenting active topics and competence at IMB, IFA, and IKM
  • Inviting potential collaborators at the Faculty of Health Sciences, UiT, and UNN
  • Arranging social activities to promote professional and social relationships
  • Allowing young researchers to acquire experience with presenting research, organizing scientific conferences, and leading plenary sessions
  • Acknowledging excellent science, researchers, and role model employees at IMB, IFA, and IKM
Starter: 21.06.23 kl 08.30
Slutter: 22.06.23 kl 16.00
Hvor: Auditorium 1 and Solhallen at Teorifagbygget
Sted: Tromsø
Målgruppe: Ansatte, Gjester / eksterne, Inviterte
Kontakt: Erik Knutsen
Telefon: 77 62 08 99
E-post: erik.knutsen@uit.no

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