How to search and cite research data

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Management of research data and their availability has received much focus in recent years, and it gradually becomes more and more common (and expected) that data are made openly available. This results in new possibilities to build upon existing research, but may also be a challenge if you do not know how to search for data, or how to cite them properly. 


Similar to performing a thorough literature search at different stages of a research project, you should also get familiar with already existing, relevant data. This way, you avoid collecting and processing similar data over again. At the same time, you may evaluate the need for new data, and whether there are norms and standards when it comes to structuring, labelling, documenting (metadata), and citing. 


In this webinar, you learn how to search in different data repositories and search engines. You also learn how to cite data when using them in your own publications. 


For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal. 


The webinar is hosted by Leif Longva and Andreas Klein.




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