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Research data management at UiT: An introduction (Skype)

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Research data are an essential part of most research projects. The data we collect or generate are of high value, to ourselves and to other researchers, and should therefore be well organized and archived. Good routines for managing and archiving research data makes it easier for peers to make use of and build on previous research, and thus contributes to the advancement of research at large. This is the motivation for the research funders who increasingly ask for the research data to be archived openly if possible, and thus maximise the payoff from each grant. Scholarly journals too now commonly ask for access to the data on which the publications are built, to enable testing of the findings claimed in the publications.  

In their meeting on March 9 2017, the UiT Board adopted Principles and guidelines for research data management at UiT. These apply to all employees, including PhD students. The purpose of the principles is to "clarify responsibility and provide guidance on how the institution and its employees shall manage, share and archive research data in line with the institution's administrative, financial, and ethical guidelines." Read the principles and guidelines here

In this introductory course we walk you through the basics of good research data management, and how to archive your data. We introduce you to UiT's Principles and guidelines, and to the support services developed to help the researcher mange and archive her data. This includes an introduction to UiT's institutional data archive UiT Open Research Data ( and information on the further RDM (research data management) training package offered at the institution. Further, we highlight the benefits of archiving and sharing research data – for the researchers themselves, for the research community, and for society in general. 

Questions, comments, and discussions are of course welcome in the class. 

The course will be given by Noortje Dijkstra and Lars Figenschou.


For more information about research data management at UiT, see the UiT Research Data Portal

Når: 21.04.20 kl 13.15–14.00
Hvor: Online meeting
Sted: Tromsø
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