Intangiblization, Materializations and Mobilities of Kven Heritage: Contemporary Articulations in Fields of Family, Museums, and Culture Industry (IMMKven)

Internasjonal referansegruppe

Our interantional reference group consists of internationally merited scholars in the fields of heritage, culture and communication, and minority perspectives.

International reference group

Mara Berkland, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Communication & Media Studies, North Central College, Illinois
Mara Berkland is a a socio-linguist who studies culture and socialization, and she is fascinated by the way language and communication influence how we perceive the world.  Her studies of Spanish, French and Arabic cultivated her love for travel and she considers herself lucky to be able to do so frequently for both work and pleasure.  The movements against domestic violence and sexual assualt are very important to her, and she believes strongly in equal options and opportunities for everyone, regardless of race, class, or gender.

Peter I. Crawford, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Social Science, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Peter I. Crawford has written extensively on visual anthropology and ethnographic film-making and has wide experience in teaching the subject both theoretically and practically.

Lisa Flores, Ph.D., Associate professor, Department of Communication, University of Colorado, Boulder
Lisa Flores’ research and teaching are guided by her belief that public discourse is a central site through which citizens come to occupy the worlds we envision. Both her courses and her writing engage in dual interests in rhetorical studies, principally rhetorical criticism, and critical race/gender/queer studies. She is currently thinking through the intersections of national belonging and the materiality of the body through her research on historic discourse of Mexican immigration.

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