The Protracted Reformation in Northern Norway


The projcet members attend the CNN-seminars and  participate with papers/discussion themes approximately once a month. The members have also been participating at several conferences, giving papers and lectures, for academic as well as general public audiences.

An overview of all research and communication activity can be found at Cristin.



  • May 13: PhD-defence: Sigrun Høgetveit Berg
  • May 22-25: Workshop, Paderborn, Germany
Lars Ivar Hansen and the group at Johann Adam Möhler-Institut für Ökumenik (JAMI) in Paderborn, May 2014
Evgeny Khodakovsky guiding in Novgorod. Cathedral of St. Sophia in the background , 06.06.2015


  • June 3-8: Workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • April 12-13: Workshop, Tromsø, Norway
  • September 27: PhD-defence: Siv Rasmussen


  • September 20: Opening of the exhibition "Oh my God! The long reformation in Northern Norway" at Tromsø university museum (TMU). There will be several activities in cinnection with the exhibition, check TMUs programme.
  • September 21-22: "Northern Reformations", conference Tromsø. This confernece marks the end of the project.


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