Regional Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health - North at Tromsø University

Test laboratory - Regional Centre for Sport, Exercise and Health - North

The centre has in collaboration with Olympiatoppen established its own test laboratory. We offer physical tests, health tests and training guidance. The laboratory is an Olympiatoppen certified lab and we can test your aerobic capacity (VO2max), anaerobic threshold (lactate profile). You can choose whether the tests are performed on a treadmill or cycle ergometer bike.

Test laboratoryWe also offer tests of sprint tests (10-40m) with split time and repeated sprint. We travel to you to conduct some of the tests, and travel reimbursements will then be added to the price of the test.

In addition we offer the possibility of using blood samples to check for general health status. After the testing has been completed, you will get professional guidance in relation to the test results and how your training should be conducted to improve performance.

To view our prices look in the information brochure (only in Norwegian).