EISCATs Council

The Council consists of a Delegation of each Associate with a maximum of three persons from each Associate.


Finland: Dr. K. Sulonen Delegate, Prof. K. Kauristie, Dr. A. Aikio

Japan:    Dr. H. Miyaoka Delegate, Dr. S. Nozawa

Norway: Dr. B. Jacobsen Delegate, Dr. L. Lønnum, Prof. A. Brekke,

Sweden: Dr. T. Andersson (Chairperson) Prof. D. Murtagh

P. R. of China: Prof. Q. Dong Delegate, Prof. J.Wu (Vice chairperson)

United Kingdom: Dr. I. McCrea, Dr. M. Schultz

Ansvarlig for siden:
opprettet: 03.08.2012 13:13

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