EISCATs Council

The Council consists of a Delegation of each Associate with a maximum of three persons from each Associate.

Chairperson and deputy for the period 2017-2018: Prof. Miyaoka (chair) and Prof. Mann (deputy).

Finland: Prof. Anita Aikio, Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen and Dr. Kati Sulonen (Delegate)

Japan:   Dr. Satonori Nozawa and Prof. Hiroshi Miyaoka (Delegate)

Norway: Prof. I. Mann (Deputy chairperson),  Prof. Kenneth Ruud (Delegate)

Sweden: Prof. Jörg Gumbel and Dr. Tomas Andersson (Delegate)

P. R. of China: Dr. Zonghua Ding and Prof. Jian Wu (Delegate)

United Kingdom: Dr. Ian W. McCrea and Dr. Mervyn Freeman (Delegate)

Read more about the EISCAT Council here.

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