Welcome to the 15th National MR Meeting

Welcome to the 15th National MR Meeting

MR2018 is the 15th national MR meeting in Norway, highlighting research topics in liquid- and solid state NMR as well as MRI.

This years conference will be held at the Sommarøy Arctic Hotel at the outer archipelago just outside Tromsø, Norway.

This year we are proud to present our two keynote speakers:

Prof. Gerhard Wagner from Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Assoc. Prof. Teodor Parella, director of SeRMN, Barcelona, Spain 

Teodor is the director of the NMR Service platform (SeRMN) of the University of Barcelona. He has made significant contributions to the measurement of weak coupling constants, pulse program developments for detecting weak correlations and refinement of pure shift methods. In addition, he has written most of the pulse program documentation in the Bruker NMR guide, something that has greatly helped most of us all to get through our daily NMR lives.

Key publications:

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