Neighbourly Asymmetry: Norway and Russia 1814-2014

Neighbourly Asymmetry: Norway and Russia 1814-2014

This is a broad-based research project, the aim of which is to analyse historical relations between Norway and Russia from 1814, when Norway acquired its Constitution, to 2014, when the bicentenary of this event will be celebrated.

The two-volume "Neighbourly Asymmetry" is intended to form an important contribution to the commemoration of the Norwegian Constitution, in line with good recommendations that events commemorating the Constitution in 2014 should not focus solely on Norwegian aspects but provide a means of illustrating distinctive features of the Norwegian national state, seen in the light of the development of a multicultural society and relations with other countries."Neighbourly Asymmetry" will be written jointly by Norwegian and Russian historians, and there will be an emphasis on the northern dimension of Norwegian-Russian relations.

There is currently an increasing interest in the northern regions, both in Norway and Russia. In this connection knowledge of the long tradition of Norwegian-Russian intercourse in the north is important and should form a basis for research and other initiatives linked to the current situation in the northern regions and the Barents Region.

The project will be carried through in the period 2008-2014.

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Department of history and religious studies,
Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
University of Tromsø
N-9037 Tromsø, Norway

Professor Jens Petter Nielsen
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Jens Petter Nielsen

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