CETIA - Coastal Environment, Technology and Innovation in the Arctic.

Ongoing and planned offshore developments, has raised concerns regarding the sensitive coastal environments of the Barents region. There is a call for increased knowledge, education and training both to raise awareness and increase regional competence to manage commercial activities and manage the marine environment. In addition there is a need for increased innovation to monitor pollution and manage sensitive coastal environments. Finally, it is acknowledged that technological innovation in combating oil-spills has been low over the past decades. CETIA seeks to address these challenges.

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The CETIA Project is implemented in accordance to rules and regulations applying to the Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme Application KO187.


The project will provide an integrated approach, with dedicated work-packages on environmental science, technology and innovation, and education. Each work-package is designed to produce increased knowledge and innovative solutions addressing common challenges in the Kolarctic programme. In particular it addresses the aim ‘Environmental knowledge has risen’ (Kolarctic Action Plan 2010). In addition it will provide a knowledge basis for the aim ‘Activities in environmental and nature protection have been implemented’

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Contact information Lead Partner:

On contractual matters:
University of Tromsø
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Engineering and Safety
9037  Tromsø
Phone.: (+47) 7766 0328
Fax: (+47) 7764 4900
Email: postmottak@nt.uit.no

On scientific matters

CETIA Scientific Project Manager Are K. Sydnes, PhD Associate Professor Department of Engineering and Safety Faculty of Science and Technology University of Tromsø 9037 Tromsø Norway Phone.: (+47) 7766 0328 Fax: (+47) 7764 4900 Email: are.sydnes@uit.no

On administrative matters Department of Engineering and Safety CETIA Project Administration Trine Lydersen  Faculty of Science and TechnologyUniversity of Tromsø Norway Phone.: (+47) 7766 0352 Fax: (+47) 7764 4900 Email:.trine.lydersen@uit.no