Better Balance in Informatics (BBI)

Who produces Computer Science knowledge? 
Who decides what and how Computer Science knowledge is taught? 

Innovations in Computer Science shape the lives of everyone in our society.  

To create innovative solutions tailored to everyone, it is important that all groups of society are represented in the creation of these solutions.  

To give you as a student the tools to create solutions for the diverse society of the future, the education you receive today must reflect this diversity.  

As of today, in the Department of Computer Science at UiT, 13% of students, 14% of PhD candidates and 21% of faculty members are female. 

Better Balance in Informatics aims to rectify this imbalance and create a more diverse learning environment for Computer Science. 

This situation affects us all, and we need your point of view to correct the imbalance. 

To stay engage with the project, you can read more about the purpose of BBI, participate in the upcoming activities when they are announced, and stay informed about the significance of building an inclusive environment.