Pediatric Rheumatology

The research group for child and adolescent health has projects in rheumatology with the goal of acquiring more knowledge to provide better diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases in children.

Historically, research on rheumatic diseases in children began in Tromsø with laboratory studies on serum amyloid in the 1980s. Subsequently, clinical research on juvenile arthritis started in a Nordic collaborative project in 1997, which is still ongoing. Our research areas include disease activity, temporomandibular joint arthritis, oral health, and uveitis in children and adolescents with arthritis. We collaborate closely with radiologists, ophthalmologists, and dental specialists both in Tromsø, in a Nordic context, and internationally. Together, we conduct experimental, epidemiological, and clinical studies.

Here, we will briefly present some of our research projects. For those who want to know more, we can be contacted for discussion, and we refer to publications from our research group.

RESEARCH GROUP: Here are some members of the research group pictured in connection with an article in Dagens Medisin in 2020.

(In front: Paula Frid, oral surgeon, and associate professor. Back from left: study nurse Lisbeth Aune, pediatric dentist and PhD candidate Josefine Halbig, senior consultant and associate professor Ellen Nordal, radiologist Erik Haro, pediatrician and associate professor Veronika Rypdal. Photo: Jørn Resvoll/UNN)



Ellen Berit Nordal (Prosjektleder)


Veronika Rypdal


Paula Hanna Therese Frid


Tonje Løvli


Thomas Augdal


Josefine Mareile Halbig

Overlege, Barne- og Ungdomsavdelingen

Nils Thomas Songstad