Arctic Auditories

Hydrospheres in the High North

«Arctic Auditories – Hydrospheres in the High North” (NFR 325506, 2021-24) is an interdisciplinary project based in the humanities which seeks to develop strategies for understanding environmental change through sound. Arctic waters will be identified, mapped and investigated. The results will be conveyed to the public with an exhibition at the Polar Museum in Tromsø.  All work will be performed in close cooperation with local communities in Northern Norway/Northern Sápmi. 
The aim is to document collective new knowledges about Arctic waters and environmental change through diverse listening processes. On this basis, we seek to provide additional layers to the cartography of the High North that complicate and advance existing cartographic and geo-spatial maps and the understandings and practices they underpin.



Lisa Katrin Losleben (Prosjektleder)


Britta Sweers


Angus Carlyle


Elizabeth Barron