Fruitful discussion about health aspects in migration

Centre for Arctic and Global Health hosted a presentation by Annabelle Böttcher from Syddansk Universitet. The topic was cultural and practical issues in migrant health. .
Wæhler, Turid Austin
Publisert: 08.02.18 00:00 Oppdatert: 08.02.18 10:05

Questions that were discussed were among others: Which cultural elements (like language) are considered obstacles or challenges by whom? Who can be alone with whom in closed rooms? How do room arrangements have to be made to make (especially for female Muslim) patients to be more comfortable? Who has to be chaperoned by whom? Who can touch whose body parts during medical examinations? Which parts of the body need to remain covered under which circumstances? (operations, exam by gynecologist etc.) Who can take which medication? (forbidden substances like pig and alcohol) What role do religious (Muslim) authorities play in this?

The presentation is available here or in the side menu