Look Beyond Borders - 4 minutes experiment

01.12.16 Håkon Fottland

Amnesty Poland er nominert til Golden Radiator Award 2016 med video om "changing the narrative of refugee reporting".

Det kan fortsatt stemmes på beste innsamlings-video i 2016 - Golden Radiator Awards.

Lenke: Golden Radiator Awards

Amnesty Poland er nominert nr 2 med en video om hvordan vi tar imot flyktninger.

Look Beyond Borders - 4 minutes experiment

The Jury’s comments:
This video is a powerful way of changing the narrative of refugee reporting. People are refugees due to circumstances beyond their control, we are all human beings who deserve to be respected and live with dignity. The video communicate its message very effectively by showing how people get closer to each other.

Det kan også stemmes på den verste videoen!

Radiator Awards drives av SAIH - The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund

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