Do you plan to recruit a talented postdoc candidate through MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship funding?

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) will continue in Horizon Europe. The Individual Fellowship is now called Postdoctoral Fellowhip and the next call deadline is Sept 15th 2021.

UiT will arrange an open online workshop on how to write a successful proposal for MSCA PF May 26th as part of the Arctic MSCA program

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Mikalsen, Theresa Seniorrådgiver ekstern finansiering EU
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If you are a potential supervisor aiming to recruit a talented postdoc candidate from abroad (PhD >8 years) you could benefit from support through Arctic MSCA program. Please send the postdoc candidate's CV to no later than May 19th to evaluate fit for Arctic MSCA program. The program covers both European and Global Fellowships.

The workshop May 26th is also open for postdoc candidates planning to go abroad, please find information and register here.

MSCA is part of the Excellent Science pillar of Horizon Europe and open to all thematic areas.

(Note that the MSCA PF call is still not open and therefore no official information about MSCA in Horizon Europe is available yet).

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Mikalsen, Theresa Seniorrådgiver ekstern finansiering EU
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