Arctic MSCA-IF program 2018

Marie Skłodowska-Curie - Individual Fellowships at UiT

What is Arctic MSCA-IF Program?

The «Arctic MSCA-IF program» aims to recruit and support excellent junior scientists from outside Norway who plan to submit applications for independent research fellowships through the mobility program Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA-IF) in order to pursue an academic research career. The talented postdocs are selected by UiT supervisors and invited to Tromsø for the Arctic MSCA-IF symposium in May. During the symposium, the UiT supervisor and the postdoc meet and learn how to write a successful MSCA-IF proposal.

The program is open for all research fields.


  • Experienced Researcher (ER): fellowship applicant, Postdoc from abroad. Requirements are listed at the bottom of this document.
  • Supervisor: Formerly called «Scientist in charge» (normally professor/associate professor) at UiT who will supervise the ER through his/her fellowship. Selection criteria listed at the bottom of this document.
  • Beneficiary: Host institution, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, legal entity.

Arctic MSCA program 2018 is now open with the following structure:





November 27, 2017

Deadline for UiT supervisors to apply to the program


December 1, 2017

Final selection of supervisors


December 2017

EURAXESS advertisements


February 2 , 2018

Deadline for postdoc candidates to apply


February 16, 2018

Deadline for supervisors to select their candidates


March 2, 2018

Selected candidates are invited to Arctic MSCA-IF Symposium (flight tickets and hotel covered by the program)


March, 2018

Booking of flight tickets and hotel


May, 2018

Workshop for supervisors


May 29-31, 2018

MSCA-IF Symposium


June-July, 2018

Proposal Writing

Candidate/supervisor (support from   Faculty/AFU)

August, 2018

Pre-evaluation of proposal draft by external consultant and AFU


August, 2018

Input to administrative forms in the electronic proposal system


September 12, 2018

Deadline for submission – 17:00 CET



The program will cover European Fellowships (EFs): duration 12-24 months.

How to apply to the Arctic MSCA-IF Program as a supervisor?

Find information here.


Eligibility Criteria for the candidate:

The applicant must be an «Experienced Researcher»; he/she shall, by the time of the deadline (September 12th 2018), be in possession of a doctoral degree or have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience. The ER can be of any nationality and shall not have spent more than 12 months in Norway in the 3 years immediately prior to September 12th 2018.


Application details for future ERs:

The program aims to recruit young research talents and the candidates will be selected based on excellence. For most (but not all) research fields there will be a requirement of (at least) one published article as first author in a peer-reviwed journal. The application has to contain a CV (including publication list) and a research outline document (up to 2 pages), which describes briefly possible research actvities the applicant would want to pursue at UiT. Applications are submitted to


Responsible for the program:
Theresa Mikalsen and Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir, Department of Research and Development (AFU)


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Ansvarlig for prosjektet: Theresa Mikalsen

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