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Førsteamanuensis Helsepsykologi


Førsteamanuensis, Helsepsykologisk forskningsgruppe

Bistilling: Psykolog, Endokrinologisk seksjon, Medisinsk poliklinikk, UNN

  • Synnøve M Jensen, Oddgeir Friborg, Svein Ivar Mellgren, Kai Ivar Müller, Svein Hugo Bergvik, Kjell Arne Arntzen :
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  • Karin Louise Abeler, Svein Hugo Bergvik, Oddgeir Friborg :
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  • Line Elisabeth Solbakken, Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn :
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  • Vendela Husberg, Laila Arnesdatter Hopstock, Oddgeir Friborg, Jan H Rosenvinge, Svein Bergvik, Kamilla Rognmo :
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  • Ingvild Nordnes Myrbakk, Oddgeir Friborg, Anne Høye, Terje Steigen, Svein Bergvik :
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    Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2022 ARKIV / DOI
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  • Lena Elsa Danielsson, Gunnvald Kvarstein, Svein Bergvik :
    Mediators of pain and physical function in female and male patients with chronic pain
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  • Andrius Budrionis, Rolf Wynn, Luis Marco Ruiz, Kassaye Yitbarek Yigzaw, Svein Bergvik, Sunday Oluwafemi Oyeyemi m.fl.:
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  • Kamilla Rognmo, Svein Bergvik, Jan H Rosenvinge, Katja Lovise Bratlid, Oddgeir Friborg :
    Gender differences in the bidirectional relationship between alcohol consumption and sleeplessness: the Tromsø study
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  • Anita Amundsen, Tone Nordøy, Kristine Emilie Lingen, Tore Sørlie, Svein Bergvik :
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    Patient Education and Counseling 2018 DOI
  • Susanna Memmen Bjerke, Kristin Judith Billaud Feragen, Svein Bergvik :
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  • Anita Amundsen, Svein Bergvik, Phyllis Butow, Martin H.N. Tattersall, Tore Sørlie, Tone Nordøy :
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    Patient Education and Counseling 2018 DOI
  • Oddgeir Friborg, Jørgen Sundby, Kamilla Rognmo, Jan H Rosenvinge, Svein Bergvik :
    No seasonality in cognitive performance among adolescents at a subarctic latitude 69°N).
    Applied Cognitive Psychology 2018 FULLTEKST / DOI
  • Gro Hilde Ramsdal, Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn :
    Long-term dropout from school and work and mental health in young adults in Norway: A qualitative interview-based study
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  • Agnes Erika Berg Gundersen, Tore Sørlie, Svein Bergvik :
    Women with coronary heart disease – making sense of their symptoms and their experiences from interacting with their general practitioners
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  • Anita Amundsen, Bente Ervik, Phyllis Butow, Martin H.N. Tattersall, Svein Bergvik, Tore Sørlie m.fl.:
    Adapting an Australian question prompt list in oncology to a Norwegian setting—a combined method approach
    Supportive Care in Cancer 2016 DOI
  • Trygve Nissen, Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn :
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  • Gro Hilde Ramsdal, Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn :
    Parent–child attachment, academic performance and the process of high-school dropout: a narrative review
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  • Tore Sørlie, Svein Bergvik :
    Pasientinformasjon i sykehus - med særlig vekt på ivaretakelse av engstelige og bekymrede pasienter
    Gyldendal Akademisk 2013
  • Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn :
    The use of short message service (SMS) among hospitalized coronary patients
    General Hospital Psychiatry 2012 DOI
  • Rolf Wynn, Svein Bergvik, Gunn Pettersen, Sturla Fossum :
    Clinicians' experiences of videoconferencing in psychiatry
    Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2012 DOI
  • Oddgeir Friborg, Jan Harald Rosenvinge, Svein Hugo Bergvik :
    Sleep Well Despite Persistent Pain Symptoms (the Sleep-Well study)
    2024 FULLTEKST
  • Svein Hugo Bergvik :
    Utfordrende pasientmøter
  • Hanne Wilhelms, Svein Hugo Bergvik :
    Linn må bruke titusenvis på parykk hvert år – Jeg har bare lyst til å føle meg vanlig
    06. mars 2023 FULLTEKST
  • Svein Hugo Bergvik :
    Hvordan snakke om mestring med pasient og pårørendegrupper. Noen utfordringer og tilnærminger
  • Rolf Wynn, Svein Bergvik :
    The value of case reporting in increasing scientific knowledge
  • Anne Gretland, Svein Bergvik :
    From Subjective Health Problems to Intersubjective Knowledge. A Qualitative Study of a First Clinical Encounter in Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapy
  • Isak Furu Krogstad, Lena Elsa Danielsson, Louisa Palmi Danielsson, Svein Hugo Bergvik :
    When I realized it worked, I kept on going. A qualitative study of CRPS-patients´ experiences with graded motor imagery treatment.
  • Louisa Palmi Danielsson, Isak Furu Krogstad, Rolf Wynn, Svein Bergvik :
    Fighting or accepting long-term pain - A qualitative study on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in treatment of long-term pain
  • Vendela Husberg, Laila Arnesdatter Hopstock, Oddgeir Friborg, Jan H Rosenvinge, Svein Bergvik, Kamilla Rognmo :
    The risk and prevalence of insomnia among individuals with alcohol use disorder: Results from the Tromsø study.
  • Vendela Husberg, Laila Arnesdatter Hopstock, Oddgeir Friborg, Jan H Rosenvinge, Svein Bergvik, Kamilla Rognmo :
    Insomnia and alcohol use disorder: Findings from a population based study
  • Svein Bergvik, Benedicte H Storø, Ida ML Aasli, Anita Amundsen :
    Addressing emotional topics in cancer care – A conversation analytic approach to doctor-patient consultations in an oncology outpatient clinic
  • Gro Hilde Ramsdal, Rolf Wynn, Svein Bergvik :
    Attachment problems and mental health issues among long-term unemployed youth who had dropped out of high school.
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2018
  • Lena Elsa Danielsson, Gunnvald Kvarstein, Torgil Riise Vangberg, Svein Bergvik, Per M Aslaksen :
    Quantitative Sensory Testing and cortical thickness in healthy volunteers
  • Svein Bergvik :
    The psychology of chronic pain - Treatment approach and research activities at a pain clinic in northern Norway
  • Kristine E Lingen, Anita Amundsen, Svein Bergvik :
    Communication In Oncology Consultations. Patients Emotional Cues And Concerns, And Doctors` Responses
  • Anita Amundsen, Tone Nordøy, Tore Sørlie, Phyllis Butow, Martin Tattersall, Svein Bergvik :
    Introducing a Question Prompt List in a Norwegian Oncology Outpatient Clinic
  • Svein Bergvik, Anita Amundsen, Tore Sørlie, Tone Nordøy :
    Patients asking questions in Norwegian oncology consultations
  • Oddgeir Friborg, Kamilla Rognmo, Svein Bergvik, Jørgen Sundby, Michael Gradisar, Jan H Rosenvinge :
    Arctic cognition II (69): Seasonality in cognitive functions
  • Svein Bergvik, Tove Irene Dahl :
    Co-organizers of the side event session The dark (and light) sides of Arctic sleep
  • Rolf Wynn, Gunn Pettersen, Jan H Rosenvinge, Svein Bergvik, Oddgeir Friborg :
    Nearly all students and patients use the internet for health information: Results fro a Scandinavian study
    Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2014 DOI
  • Lena Elsa Danielsson, Svein Bergvik :
    Søvnproblemer hos pasienter med langvarig smerte
  • Lena Elsa Danielsson, Svein Bergvik :
    Sleep disturbance among patients with chronic pain.
  • Lena Danielsson, Svein Bergvik :
    Sleep Disturbance Among Patients With Chronic Pain
  • Kenth M Solem, Robert Åseng, Svein Bergvik :
    Attitudes towards mental illness among medical and psychological students
  • Svein Bergvik, Tore Sørlie, Rolf Wynn :
    Locus of control beliefs among coronary patients returned to work
    Psychology and Health 2013
  • Lena Danielsson, Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen, Svein Bergvik, Rolf Wynn, Å Myhre :
    Pain discomfort is associated with pain intensity, depression and educational level

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