Zoheb Mashiur



I am a researcher in human-water relations at the Nfh - Norwegian Fisheries College. I am a member of the CRAFT research group, and am engaged in the projects FUTURES4FISH and FLOW.

My research interests lie in cultural critique, particularly in new media, on representations of power in the context of futures and environmental discourse.

  • Holger Pötzsch, Zoheb Mashiur, Melania Borit, Cornel Borit :
    Between ‘Stochastic Parrots’ and ‘Skynet’: Imaginaries of Data in Films on AI and Autonomous Technologies
  • Zoheb Mashiur, Melania Borit, Riyan J. G. van den Born, Bernadette F. van Heel, Krisztina Jonas, Max Priebe m.fl.:
    FLOW D1.1 Open Access Transdisciplinary Dataset FLOW Encyclopædia
    2023 FULLTEKST

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    Colonialism and postcolonialism

    Race, gender and class


    South Asian colonial and national history

    Politics and populism

    Games (digital, tabletop, roleplaying)

    Medlem i prosjekt


    PhD candidate in EJD-MOVES: Migration and Modernity -- Historical and Cultural Challenges
    Charles University (Department of Anglophone Literature and Cultures) & University of Kent (School of English, Brussels School of International Studies)

    MA in International Migration with International Conflict and Security
    University of Kent (Brussels School of International Studies)

    BSS in Economics
    BRAC University (Department of Economics and Social Sciences)