Bilde av Hembrom, Anju Angelina
Bilde av Hembrom, Anju Angelina
Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum

Anju Angelina Hembrom



I am a PhD student at the Arctic University Museum. The topic of my thesis is "The role of microRNAs in the evolution of animal diversity and complexity."

Is there a driving force of evolution that explains the immense diversity of life and can it also help us understand the exceptional success of parasites? Can I close the knowledge gaps in animal systematics? How can the morphological complexity be compared across different animal phyla? These are the few questions that I aspire to answer during my PhD tenure. 

  • Joel Vikberg Wernström, Anju Angelina Hembrom, Christel Slettli Hansen, Oleksandr Holovachov, Georg Brenneis, Elisabeth Zieger m.fl.:
    Cruise Report HHUMTL22
    Septentrio Reports 2022 DOI

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