Bilde av Reibold, Kerstin Stefanie
Bilde av Reibold, Kerstin Stefanie
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Kerstin Stefanie Reibold



Potsdoc in the Good Integration project. Analyzing trust as a factor that determines important aspects of integration such as equality of opportunity, chances for cooperation, and the social cohesion of multicultural groups and societies. Interested in whether cultural integration is central for building trust between immigrants and native populations and what kind of obstacles might remain despite cultural integration and what possible alternatives for building trust are.

Also working on indigenous rights, territorial rights, epistemic injustice, and processes of transitional justice (both in the context of past injustices and in the context of climate change).

Coordinator of the network Just Climate Transitions and member of the network
The Relation between Recognition Theory and Theories of Epistemic Injustice.

  • Kerstin Reibold :
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  • Kerstin Reibold :
    Indigenous rights, supersession, and moral status equality
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2020

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    Social cohesion and integration

    Intergroup reconciliation

    Indigenous rights

    Territorial rights

    Transitional justice

    Climate ethics