Jayalal Kalathil Parambil Jayanthan



PhD student in the Seafood Science research group at the Norwegian College of Fisheries Science, UiT Campus Tromsø. Jayalal's work is primarily focused on studying the gut microbiota and its impact on the onset and development of atherosclerosis. This exploration uses a mouse model fed with novel low-trophic marine resources. This research is one of a central parts of the SECURE project, which aims to renew sustainable marine resources for food security through a multidisciplinary approach.

For more details on Jayalal's research interests and teaching activities, see the following page.

  • Nimitha R. Mathew, Jayalal Kalathilparambil Jayanthan, Ilya V. Smirnov, Jonathan L. Robinson, Hannes Axelsson, Sravya S. Nakka m.fl.:
    Single-cell BCR and transcriptome analysis after influenza infection reveals spatiotemporal dynamics of antigen-specific B cells
    Cell reports 2021 ARKIV / DOI

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    My area of research is focused on the effects of new marine low-trophic species candidates on the gut microbiome's composition and functionality, as well as arteriosclerosis development. In order to achieve this, I utilize rodent models that replicate arteriosclerosis. I will use advanced molecular techniques in combination with next-generation sequencing, as well as bioinformatics and data analysis tools. Utilizing this approach allows me to better understand the intricate relationship between low-trophic seafood consumption, gut microbiota, and cardiovascular health. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the field of seafood science, and thereby assist in improving cardiovascular health through dietary changes.


    1. BIO-2018 Genetics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics
    2. BIO-3607 Food Safety

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