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Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi

Dag Vongraven

  • Dag Vongraven, S.C. Amstrup, T.L. McDonald, J. Mitchell, Nigel Yoccoz :
    Relating polar bears killed, human presence, and ice conditions in Svalbard 1987–2019
    Frontiers in Conservation Science 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Anna Bisther, Dag Vongraven :
    Killer whale (Orcinus orca) male carrying a dead calf
    Aquatic Mammals 2022 DOI
  • Dag Vongraven, AE Derocher, Nicholas W Pilfold, Nigel Yoccoz :
    Polar bear harvest patterns across the circumpolar Arctic
    Frontiers in Conservation Science 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • James M. Wilder, Lindsey S. Mangipane, Todd Atwood, Anatoly Kochnev, Tom Smith, Dag Vongraven :
    Efficacy of bear spray as a deterrent against polar bears
    Wildlife Society Bulletin (WSB) 2022 DOI
  • Eve Marie Jourdain, Lance G. Barrett-Lennard, Graeme M. Ellis, John K. B. Ford, Richard Karoliussen, Jared R. Towers m.fl.:
    Natural Entrapments of Killer Whales (Orcinus orca): A Review of Cases and Assessment of Intervention Techniques
    Frontiers in Conservation Science 2021 DOI
  • Eve Marie Jourdain, Tiffany Goh, Sanna Kuningas, Tiu Similä, Dag Vongraven, Richard Karoliussen m.fl.:
    Killer whale (Orcinus orca) population dynamics in response to a period of rapid ecosystem change in the eastern North Atlantic
    Ecology and Evolution 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Karyn D. Rode, Martyn Obbard, Stanislav Belikov, Andrew E. Derocher, George M. Durner, Gregory W. Thiemann m.fl.:
    Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)
    Cambridge University Press 2020 DOI
  • Eve Jourdain, Clare Andvik, Richard Karoliussen, Anders Ruus, Dag Vongraven, Katrine Borgå :
    Isotopic niche differs between seal and fish-eating killer whales (Orcinus orca) in northern Norway
    Ecology and Evolution 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Eve Marie Jourdain, Fernando Ugarte, Gísli A. Víkingsson, Filipa Samarra, Steven H. Ferguson, Jack Lawson m.fl.:
    North Atlantic killer whale Orcinus orca populations: a review of current knowledge and threats to conservation
    Mammal Review 2019 DOI
  • Karyn D. Rode, Jennifer K. Fortin-Noreus, David Garshelis, Markus Dyck, Vicki Sahanatien, Todd Atwood m.fl.:
    Survey-based assessment of the frequency and potential impacts of recreation on polar bears
    Biological Conservation 2018 DOI
  • Dag Vongraven, Andrew E. Derocher, Alyssa M. Bohart :
    Polar bear research: Has science helped management and conservation?
    Environmental Reviews 2018 DOI
  • Eve Marie Jourdain, Dag Vongraven :
    Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) and killer whale (Orcinus orca) feeding aggregations for foraging on herring (Clupea harengus) in Northern Norway
    Mammalian Biology 2017 DOI
  • James M. Wilder, Dag Vongraven, Todd Atwood, Bob Hansen, Amalie Jessen, Anatoly Kochnev m.fl.:
    Polar bear attacks on humans: Implications of a changing climate
    Wildlife Society Bulletin (WSB) 2017 DOI
  • Eve Marie Jourdain, Dag Vongraven, Anna Bisther, Richard Karoliussen :
    First longitudinal study of seal-feeding killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Norwegian coastal waters
    PLOS ONE 2017 DOI
  • Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Erich Hoyt, Randall Reeves, Jeff Ardron, Helene Marsh, Dag Vongraven m.fl.:
    Place-based approaches to marine mammal conservation
    Aquatic conservation 2016 DOI
  • Kristin L. Laidre, Harry Stern, Kit Kovacs, Lloyd Lowry, Sue E. Moore, Eric V. Regehr m.fl.:
    Arctic marine mammal population status, sea ice habitat loss, and conservation recommendations for the 21st century
    Conservation Biology 2015 DOI
  • D.G. Reid, D. Berteaux, K.L. Laidre, A. Angerbjörn, R. Angliss, E.W. Born m.fl.:
  • Andrew E. Derocher, Jon Aars, Steven C. Amstrup, Amy Cutting, Nick J. Lunn, Péter K. Molnar m.fl.:
    Rapid ecosystem change and polar bear conservation
    Conservation Letters 2013 DOI
  • D. Vongraven, Jon Aars, S.C. Amstrup, S.N. Atkinson, S.E. Belikov, E.W. Born m.fl.:
    A circumpolar monitoring framework for polar bears
    Ursus (International Association for Bear Research and Management) 2012 DOI
  • D. Vongraven, M. Ekker, Øystein Wiig, J. Aars :
    Management of polar bears in Norway, 2005-2009
  • Bjørn Munro Jenssen, Jill Ina Åsmul, Morten Ekker, D. Vongraven :
    To go for a swim or not? Consequences of neonatal aquatic dispersal behaviour for growth in grey seal pups
    Animal Behaviour 2010 DOI
  • J. Aars, A.E. Derocher, L.W. Andersen, D. Vongraven, M. Ekker, Øystein Wiig :
    Polar bear management and research in Norway 2001-2005
  • A.E. Derocher, Øystein Wiig, M Andersen, D. Vongraven, M. Ekker :
    Polar bear research and management in Norway 1997-2000
  • Tom Barry, Tom Christensen, Carolina Behe, Catherine Coon, Joseph M. Culp, Dag Vongraven m.fl.:
    Corrigendum: Development of a multi-scale monitoring programme: approaches for the Arctic and lessons learned from the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme 2002-2022 (Frontiers in Conservation Science, (2023), 4, (1220521), 10.3389/fcosc.2023.1220521)
    Frontiers in Conservation Science 2023 DOI
  • Dag Vongraven :
    Assessing vulnerability of flora and fauna in polar areas. Symposium proceedings
  • M. Ekker, Jon Aars, M. Haugan, E. Jernqvist, E. Stokke, D. Vongraven m.fl.:
    Norsk handlingsplan for isbjørn

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