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Anna Hava Nordström


  • Sanna Fjellström, Jessica Hölttä, Anna Hava Nordström, Eva Flygare Wallén, Marie Lund Ohlsson, Elisabeth Hansen Tømmerbakken :
    Increasing physical activity through an adapted web-based exercise program for people with intellectual disabilities: Support staff are crucial for feasibility
    JARID: Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities 2024 DOI
  • Liesbeth Vandenput, Helena Johansson, Eugene V. McCloskey, Enwu Liu, Marian Schini, Kristina E. Åkesson m.fl.:
    A meta-analysis of previous falls and subsequent fracture risk in cohort studies
    Osteoporosis International 2024 DOI
  • Ambra Gentile, Salvatore Ficarra, Ewan Thomas, Antonino Bianco, Anna Hava Nordström :
    Nature Through Virtual Reality as a Stress-Reduction Tool: A Systematic Review
    International Journal of Stress Management 2023 DOI
  • Peter Nordström, Marcel Ballin, Anna Hava Nordstrom :
    Safety and effectiveness of monovalent COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and risk factors for hospitalisation caused by the omicron variant in 0.8 million adolescents: A nationwide cohort study in Sweden
    Nature Methods 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Amanda E. Paluch, Shivangi Bajpai, Marcel Ballin, David R. Bassett, Thomas W. Buford, Mercedes R. Carnethon m.fl.:
    Prospective Association of Daily Steps with Cardiovascular Disease: A Harmonized Meta-Analysis
    Circulation 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Victor Bloniecki, J. Ulfvarson, K. Javanshiri, G. Hagman, Y. Freund-Levi, Anna Hava Nordström :
    The Geras Solutions Cognitive Test for Assessing Cognitive Impairment: Normative Data from a Population-Based Cohort
    Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease (JPAD) 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Marcel Ballin, Martin Neovius, Francisco B. Ortega, Pontus Henriksson, Anna Hava Nordström, Daniel Berglind m.fl.:
    Genetic and Environmental Factors and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adolescents
    JAMA Network Open 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • J.A. Kanis, H. Johansson, E.V. McCloskey, E. Liu, K.E. Åkesson, F.A. Anderson m.fl.:
    Previous fracture and subsequent fracture risk: a meta-analysis to update FRAX
    Osteoporosis International 2023 DOI
  • Peter Nordström, Marcel Ballin, Anna Hava Nordstrom :
    Risk of infection, hospitalisation, and death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine: a retrospective, total population cohort study in Sweden
    The Lancet 2022 DOI
  • Peter Nordström, Marcel Ballin, Anna Hava Nordström :
    Risk of SARS-CoV-2 reinfection and COVID-19 hospitalisation in individuals with natural and hybrid immunity: a retrospective, total population cohort study in Sweden
    The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2022 DOI
  • Marcel Ballin, John P. Ioannidis, Jonathan Bergman, Miia Kivipelto, Anna Hava Nordstrom, Peter Nordström :
    Time-varying risk of death after SARS-CoV-2 infection in Swedish long-term care facility residents: a matched cohort study
    BMJ Open 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Peter Nordström, Marcel Ballin, Anna Hava Nordstrom :
    Effectiveness of a fourth dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine against all-cause mortality in long-term care facility residents and in the oldest old: A nationwide, retrospective cohort study in Sweden
    The Lancet Regional Health - Europe 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sanna Vikberg, Sabine Björk, Anna Hava Nordström, Peter Nordström, Andreas Hult :
    Feasibility of an Online Delivered, Home-Based Resistance Training Program for Older Adults – A Mixed Methods Approach
    Frontiers in Psychology 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • L. Vandenput, H. Johansson, E.V. McCloskey, E. Liu, K.E. Åkesson, F.A. Anderson m.fl.:
    Update of the fracture risk prediction tool FRAX: a systematic review of potential cohorts and analysis plan
    Osteoporosis International 2022 DOI
  • Amanda E Paluch, Shivangi Bajpai, David R Bassett, Mercedes R Carnethon, Ulf Ekelund, Kelly R Evenson m.fl.:
    Daily steps and all-cause mortality: a meta-analysis of 15 international cohorts
    The Lancet Public Health 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Peter Nordström, Jonathan Bergman, Marcel Ballin, Anna Hava Nordstrom :
    Trends in Hip Fracture Incidence, Length of Hospital Stay, and 30-Day Mortality in Sweden from 1998–2017: A Nationwide Cohort Study
    Calcified Tissue International 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sanna Fjellström, Elisabeth Hansen, Jessica Hölltä, Magnus Zingmark, Anna Hava Nordstrom, Ohlsson Marie Lund :
    Web-based training intervention to increase physical activity level and improve health for adults with intellectual disability
    Journal of Intellectual Disability Research 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • J. Bergman, Anna Hava Nordström, P. Nordström :
    Bisphosphonate use after clinical fracture and risk of new fracture: response to comments by Wu et al.
    Osteoporosis International 2018 DOI

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