Beibei Shu




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  • Umair Najeeb Mughal, Beibei Shu :
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    Research interests including several Industrial 4.0 related topics:
    Industrial robot - robot motion/production simulation, digital-twin, human-robot collaboration/interaction, robot kinematics.
    Computer science - OpenCV image processing, ToF camera (RealSense/Kinect) application, Speech recognition.
    Network communication - network routing, TCP/UDP, cybersecurity.

    Have experience in hardware circuit design (PCB), demo circuit welding/testing, SPI/I2C interface, Microcontroller, PLC.
    Familiar programming language: C/C++, Python, JavaScript

    Working in TRINITY project from 2019 for module and demonstration developing. Target at designing data acquisition and controlling system for digital twin of industrial robots.

    Targeting to improve human-robot interaction and manufacturing agility and flexibility, define and test a new robot programming architecture.


    Main lecture of Virtual Manufacturing (Postgraduate level, from 2018);

    Course information: