Oda Julie Hembre, ILP
Foto: Torje Jenssen
Oda Julie Hembre, ILP
Institutt for lærerutdanning og pedagogikk ohe010@post.uit.no +4777660455 Tromsø ILP Lærerutdanning 5.031

Hembre, Oda Julie


  • Hembre, Oda Julie. Exploring iPad Integration in Primary Schools: The Interaction of Policy-Initiated Reforms, Availability Assemblages, and Non-Digital Materials. Journal of Research on Technology in Education 2019; Volum 51 (4). ISSN 1539-1523.s 342 - 355.s doi: 10.1080/15391523.2019.1646680.
  • Hembre, Oda Julie; Warth, Line Lundvoll. Assembling iPads and Mobility in Two Classroom Settings. Technology, Knowledge and Learning 2019. ISSN 2211-1662.s doi: 10.1007/s10758-019-09405-w.
  • Biesta, Gert J.J.; Øie, Vibeke; Hembre, Oda Julie; Bjøru, Anne-Mette; Johannessen, Inger Lise; Eriksen, Evelyn. Pedagogikk og lærerutdanning i dag og i morgen. A future-oriented perspective on Pedagogic as a discipline and on Teacher Education – focusing on both Research and Education - What is Education’s significance? Organisering fagdag og dialogseminar.. Fagdag for fagansatte og studenter v/ ILP. Tema: Pedagogikk og lærerutdanning i dag og i morgen 2016-05-18 - 2016-05-18 2016.
  • Hembre, Oda Julie. Technology and teaching in synergy or conflict? A study of pre-service teachers' development of professional digital competence in a Norwegian teacher education. The 4th NAFOL conference 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-19 2016.
  • Hembre, Oda Julie. A CALL FOR NEW PERSPECTIVES: ACTOR-NETWORK THEORY AS A FOUNDATION FOR UNDERSTANDING PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL COMPETENCE. Bringing teacher education forward. National and International Perspectives 2016-06-06 - 2016-06-08 2016.
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