Bilde av Mittner, Lilli
Bilde av Mittner, Lilli
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Lilli Mittner



Research on and with arts, culture, and society.

Research interests
Coastal Cultures
Ageing and Dementia
Gender Equality
Higher Education
Sound and Music
Historiography and Storytelling

Community Research
Research Ethics
Open Research in the Arts & Humanities
Innovative Research Communication

I often use qualitative and arts-based research methods to explore human thoughts, creations, and relations. I have done archival studies, content analysis, multimodal analysis, aesthetic analysis, diffractive analysis, discourse analysis, policy analysis, qualitative interviews, focus group interviews, ethnographic fieldwork, and situated art intervention.

With a strong background within the arts & humanities, I have developed close collaborations with social and natural scientists working on artscience, natureculture, and human-nature relationships. Theoretically, my work is inspired by feminist theories, feminist posthumanism, and new materialism. Empirically, my research is increasingly connected to the Arctic where I have lived since 2014.

I am trained in Musicology and Media- and Communication Studies at the University of Göttingen and the University of Oslo and received my PhD in 2014 with a study of women composers in 19. century Norway. Since 2023 I am coordinating the Centre for Arctic Humanities at UiT.


Selected Projects

Selected Publications

  • Lilli Mittner :
    Review Report For: Making a living moment more resonant: an exploration of the role of the artist in co-creative work with people living with dementia [version 1; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]
    Wellcome Open Research 2024 DOI
  • Rikke Gürgens Gjærum, Lilli Mittner, Elina Maaria Talvikki Plucker, Ingrid Tranum Vélasquez :
    Art methodologies and social innovation: Experiences from art intervention in elderly care
    Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R) 2023 ARKIV / FULLTEKST / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Gender balance
    Routledge 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Dragana Lukic, Lilli Mittner :
    Diffracting Dementia Co-creative Experiments with Agential Realism and Multisensoriality in a Residential Care Home in Northern Norway
    Routledge 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lise Karin Meling, Petter Frost Fadnes, Lilli Mittner :
    Decolonizing higher education: Rationales and implementations from the subject of music history
    Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Lise Karin Meling, Sheila Kate Maxwell :
    Arts-based pathways for sustainable transformation towards a more equal world
    Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R) 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Lena Haselmann, Janke Klok :
    Akademische Möglichkeitsräume im Spiegel kulturellen Handelns norwegischer Künstlerinnen. Praktische und theoretische Perspektiven zur Mobilität
    Verlag J. B. Metzler 2023 FULLTEKST
  • Rikke Gürgens Gjærum, Lilli Mittner :
    Research Innovation: Advancing Arts-based Research Methods to Make Sense of Micro-moments Framed by Dementia
    Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R) 03. oktober 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Rikke Gürgens Gjærum, Hilde Synnøve Blix :
    Sustainable gender equality: Opening the black-box of quality assessment in higher arts education
    Routledge 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Resonating moments. Exploring socio-material connectivity through artistic encounters with people living with dementia
    Dementia 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Karoline Dalby, Rikke Gürgens Gjærum :
    Re-conceptualizing the gap as a potential space of becoming: Exploring aesthetic experiences with people living with dementia
    Nordic Journal of Arts, Culture and Health 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lena Haselmann, Janke Klok, Lilli Mittner :
    Autumn Talk and Ocean Songs. Dramatic Assemblage – Methods and Relevance of Performative Historiography
    Transcript Verlag 2021 DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Hilde Synnøve Blix :
    Career Paths in Higher Music Education : Challenges for Gender Equality in the Arts
    Routledge 2021 DATA / FULLTEKST / DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Rikke Gürgens Gjærum :
    Situating an Art Intervention with People Living with Dementia in a public space
    Nordic Journal of Arts, Culture and Health 2021 ARKIV / FULLTEKST / DOI
  • Kate Maxwell, Lilli Mittner, Hanne Hammer Stien :
    Conceptualizing the North
    Nordlit 2020 FULLTEKST / DATA / ARKIV / DOI
  • Christoph Schneider, Marit Reigstad, Hanne Hammer Stien, Kåre Aleksander Grundvåg, Marie-Theres Federhofer, Lilli Mittner :
    Side Event: The Arctic in the Anthropocene
  • Lilli Mittner, Antonio Jorge Fonseca Antunes Santos :
    AI and plagiarism in our educational practice: what to value? Introduction and comments to the article Eaton, S. E. (2023). Postplagiarism: Transdisciplinary ethics and integrity in the age of artificial intelligence and neurotechnology. International Journal for Educational Integrity.
  • Lise Karin Meling, Lilli Mittner :
    Voices of Women: Educating Agents of Change
  • Fredrik Nilsen, Lilli Mittner :
    Hvorfor og hvordan lytte til de(t) ukjente?
  • Christina Næss, Lilli Mittner :
    Den sansende kroppen
    DRAMA : Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift 2022 DOI
  • Lilli Mittner, Lise Karin Meling, Janke Klok, Bettina Smith :
    Knowledge base for the ERASMUS+ project Voices of Women (VOW)
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Situated art intervention as an arts-based research method in dementia research
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Fokus på undervisning, samtale mellom Lilli Mittner og Beate Goldschmidt-Gjerlow om kontroversielle, emosjonelle og sensitive tema i undervisning
  • Lilli Mittner, Malin Rönnblom, Ann Therese Lotherington :
    How researchers think about research leadership. Preliminary results from a focus group study with early career and senior researchers at UiT
  • Janke Klok, Lena Haselmann, Lilli Mittner, Friederike Wildschütz, Zsuzsa Zseni :
    Indian Summer in Groningen (Betsy Bakker-Nort meets Betsy Dornay-Culp and Jenny Altman-Fleischer)
  • Lilli Mittner, Kristin Aukland :
    Er likestilling i forskning ferdig nå? Forskningsrådets likestillingsprogram Balanse feirer ti år. Hva har det ført til, og hva har oppstått i kjølvannet av programmet?
    24. november 2022 DATA / FULLTEKST
  • Janke Klok, Lilli Mittner :
    Autumn Talk at the Captain’s table – Excerpts from a Dramatic Assemblage (Betsy Bakker-Nort meets Kirsten Helliesen Iversen )
  • Lilli Mittner, Ann Therese Lotherington :
    Situating arts-based research with people living with dementia
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Balance Hub at UiT
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Voicing, Listening & Understanding. Theoretical Framework of VOW
  • Lilli Mittner, Matthias Mittner :
  • Lilli Mittner, Matthias Mittner :
  • Lilli Mittner, Matthias Mittner :
    Balancinator. A tool to Visualize, Measure and Monitor Gender Balance
  • Lilli Mittner, Anne-Lise Sollied :
    Vocing and Listening to Voices of Women
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Transformation in transformative research
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Pioneering Creative Care. Anne Basting about how to engage meaningfully with people living with dementia.
    DRAMA : Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift 2022
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Balancinator for Organizations: an open-access resource for monitoring gender balance
  • Lilli Mittner :
    How to measure gender balance at your working place?
  • Lilli Mittner :
    How to Visualize, Measure, and Monitor Gender Balance? A short Introduction to he UiT Gender Balancinator for Organizations
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Intervju under samskapende samling ved Bergsodden (StoppMotion)
    18. januar 2021 DATA / FULLTEKST
  • Lilli Mittner, Tia Grønn, Terje Bergli :
    Artful Dementia Film
    2021 DATA
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Kjønnsbalanse i musikk
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Don’t mind the gap – dance with dementia!
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Panelist for Conceptualizing the North: Three Presentations from Norway, Canada, and the United States
  • Hanne Hammer Stien, Kate Maxwell, Lilli Mittner :
    Conceptualizing the North
  • Lena Gross, Ana Luisa Sanchez Laws, Hege Kristin Andreassen, Katrin Losleben, Lilli Mittner, Sarah Musubika m.fl.:
    Co* (Co-construction, co- production, co-design, co-creation)
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Åpen vitenskap ved UiT / Open Science at UiT [Video]
    28. oktober 2021 DATA / FULLTEKST
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Feminist theory in practice. RESCAPE as a method for performative historiography
  • Lilli Mittner, Rikke Gürgens :
    Øyeblikk som betyr noe
  • Lilli Mittner :
    Dear future self with dementia. Articulating inclusive futures through letter writing (with Annelieke Driessen and Hannah Cowan, Londo)
    01. oktober 2021 DATA / FULLTEKST

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    Since 2023 Associate Professor, UiT

    2021-2023 Senior Researcher, UiT

    2017-2021 Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Women’s and Gender Research at UiT

    2015-2017 Researcher, Academy of Music at UiT

    2009-2014 PhD candidate at University of Music, Drama and Media in Hanover, Research Centre for Music and Gender

    2004-2005 ERASMUS student, University of Oslo

    2002-2008 Dual magister in Musicology and Media and Communication Studies, University of Göttingen

    2002 Abitur, Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium Eberswalde

    1983 born in Leipzig