Information about deadlines and entrance exam

Important dates:

15 January - deadline for sending in a list of audition repertoire of 45 minutes’ duration, and whether you wish to audition in person or digitally

24 January  - the Academy for Music will inform you which items from the repertoire list you are to prepare for your audition (20 minutes)

23 February  - deadline for sending in links to video recordings for those who chose a digital audition

Auditions will take place in the week of 26 February to 1 March, either physically in Tromsø or with the jury assessing the video recordings. The interview will take place immediately after, either physically or via Zoom, according to the timetable you will be sent.

You will receive information about how to send in your list of repertoire around 18 December. The deadline for receipt of your chosen list of repertoire is 10 January.

You must send a list of audition repertoire with a duration of 45 minutes by 10 January at the latest. From this list, the jury will choose a repertoire of 20 minutes that they wish you to perform for your audition.

You may choose whether you audition digitally or in person in Tromsø.

For applicants who choose the in-person audition in Tromsø

  • The Academy for Music has basic equipment available such as percussion instruments, speakers, and a piano, but you must bring your own specialist keyboard instruments as well as guitars, basses, and personal instruments
  • Applicants in popular music may provide playback or use their own band
  • If you require an accompanist from the Academy of Music you must indicate this on your repertoire list (to be sent 10 January) and provide copies of the music
  • The Academy for Music will not provide rehearsal time prior to the audition

For applicants who choose to send in video recordings:

  • You do not need to record the entire audition in one take, but each movement/piece/number should be recorded as one take, unedited and without cuts
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that both sound and image are of good quality, and give a clear indication of your abilities. If your repertoire requires other musicians (band/accompaniment) it is your responsibility to provide these
  • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube
  • Videos should be open and available for the entire admissions period, until 1 July. They should not be password protected.
  • You should provide details of when the recording was made. Recordings should be made after you received notice of the jury’s choice of which 20 minutes of repertoire is to be played. Therefore the recording should not be made before 24 January 2024.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all links to the audition videos are correct and in order
  • Note that it is important that your face is visible on the video, and it is also best if the applicant’s whole body is visible on the video.

You must write a project description and plan for your intended master’s project. You have free choice of topic for the project, though in line with the programme’s objectives it should be related to performance. You will present and if necessary explain your project to the jury as part of the interview and audition process. If you are accepted onto the programme, you will have the opportunity to revise your project description.

Project description must include:

  • Tittle/topic
  • Description of focus within the field of performance
  • Plan for documentation of process and reflection materials
  • Possible artistic results (for example concerts, texts, videos, or websites)

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Sist oppdatert: 17.12.2023