GENI Field School

The GENI program includes two field schools which enable students to acquire knowledge and experience about the themes of the program from onsite visits to Northern communities. The field schools usually involve organized meetings with community leaders and members, government employees, and businesspeople, as well as special lectures from relevant scholars. These experiences provide students with essential context and understanding which prove useful throughout the program.

The field schools are intended to give students

  • direct access to an array of experts in the subjects of the program;
  • hands-on experience for a deeper understanding of the social, economic, and physical environments under discussion;
  • a rare opportunity to build strong interpersonal connections with both staff, faculty members and peers in an online program;
  • the opportunity, when possible, to connect with GENI alumni working in the field.

The field schools, however, do not only benefit the students participating. The contact made with the community demonstrates our program’s interest in the regions visited, facilitating future cooperation between academics and locals in mutually beneficial research. The people we meet may also suggest relevant research topics, serve as hosts for applied research projects, provide interviews or documentation for faculty and student researchers, and direct potential candidates toward the program.


Two international field schools are usually organized the first and second semesters, in Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Norway respectively. Dates and locations are subject to change from year to year.

Ansvarlig for siden: Iselin Caroline Finn
Sist oppdatert: 30.11.2020