Optional courses

The list below is a list of recommended elective courses for the program. Note that not all of the courses are given each academic year and that some of the elective courses expect deep / extensive knowledge in the relevant subjects.

Course Semester ECTS Credits
INF-3320 Middleware   10
INF-3910-2 Computer Science Seminar: Green Computing   10
INF-3910-3 Computer Science Seminar: IoT services with LoRaWAN network and compatible embedded devices and sensors Spring 10
INF-3910-4 Computer Science Seminar: Advanced mHealth systems and applications   10
INF-3910-5 Computer Science Seminar: Applied functional programming in .NET Core Spring 10
INF-3910-6 Computer Science Seminar: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Applied Method Spring 10
INF-3910-7 Computer Science Seminar: Computational Intelligence and its Applications Autumn 10
INF-3992 Individual Special Curriculum Depending on capacity 5
INF-3993 Individual Special Curriculum Depending on capacity 10
INF-3994 Individual Special Curriculum Depending on capacity 15
INF-3995 Individual Special Curriculum Depending on capacity 20
FYS-2006 Signal Processing Autumn  10
FYS-2010 Digital Image Processing Spring 10
FYS-2021 Machine Learning Autumn 10
FYS-3012 Pattern Recognition Autumn 10
KJE-2004 Bioinformatics - An Introduction Autumn 10
MAT-2201 Numerical Methods Autumn 10
MAT-2300 Algebra 1 Spring 10
STA-2001 Stokastiske Prosesser Autumn 10
BED-2029 Organisasjonsteori og ledelse Autumn  10
BED-2054 Innocase Autumn 10
BED-2056 Introduction to Data Science Autumn 10
SOK-2001 Strategisk atferd Autumn 10
SOK-2030 Næringsøkonomi og konkurransestrategi Spring 10
STV-2004 Organisasjonsteori: Endring og ledelse  Spring 10

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