An inspirational list of research topics for your master's thesis in Indigenous Studies


MIS thesis bank


Need for more research

The MIS-programme board has initiated a thesis proposals bank with descriptions of current topics where we see a knowledge-gap and need for more research. Our students would contribute to closing that gap through their thesis work. Obviously, it is up to the students themselves to choose the topic of their thesis, but this ‘thesis-topic-catalogue’ is developed as ideas and suggestions to help defining the topic of the Master’s thesis. The thesis bank consists of sample topics, which students can

Choose from sample topics

The thesis bank consists of sample topics, which students can chose from and develop into a project proposal for their master’s thesis.  The bank has been created with two objectives in mind. The Centre for Sami Studies sees it as one of its responsibilities to bridge the academia and the civil society. Many indigenous issues remain unadressed, and our hope is that through improved communication of the academia with the society at large, important areas from the indigenous world will receive further attention and investigation.

Highlighting urgent themes from the indigenous world

The indigenous experience remains largely overlooked and underrepresented in official circles, and one of our goals is to identify and highlight some of the more urgent themes from the indigenous world that need urgent scholarly attention.  We also hope that with this bank, we can facilitate our master’s students in choosing a topic for their thesis. All titles, descriptions and suggested methods are provisional and open for interpretation and change. They are mostly intended to draw students’ attention to important indigenous issues, and to show possible areas of research.

We hope you find this helpful in the process of designing your master’s thesis.

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