GENI Elective Courses


All of the following UiT courses are eligible for use as electives in the GENI program.

Please look them up in UiT's course listing for the desired semester to learn more.

Note that some of these have particular educational prerequisites. For your personal eligibility to take these courses, please carefully read the linked course description, particularly under the headings “Type of course” and “Admission requirements.” Some require you to contact the course administrator for permission to enroll.

The courses listed as potential electives are only acceptable if it can be demonstrated that the course relates to your thesis. Please contact Jonathan via email ( if one of them interests you.

Other English-language UiT courses at the master’s level (identifiable by their 3XXX number) might also be possible. Please feel free to browse the complete course listing and consult with Jonathan if you find something interesting.

Elective requirements:

  • Students who began the program prior to 2019 require 20 ECTS of “Group B” electives.
  • Students who began in Fall 2019 or later require only 5 ECTS.


These courses may be located at various UiT campuses. Please contact the relevant course administrator, course instructor or (if necessary) department administratory to enquire about taking a course remotely.

Fall semester courses:

Pre-Approved Electives
  • HIS-3005 History of Indigenous Peoples - Indigenous people, ethnic minorities and the multi-cultural society in the North - 10 ECTS 
  • IND-3015 The Arctic Council and the Indigenous Permanent Participants - 5 ECTS (fully online)
  • IND-3025 Introduction to Indigenous Studies - 10 ECTS
Potential Electives
  • BIO-3009 Arctic Marine Pollution - 10 ECTS
  • BIO-3013 Northern food web ecology - 10 ECTS
  • BIO-3015 Arctic Marine System Ecology and Climate Change - 10 ECTS
  • GEO-3120 Management of the Petroleum Resources - 10 ECTS
  • HEL-3011 Peace, Health and Medical Work - 10 ECTS
  • HIF-3620 Indigenous Revitalization - Languages, Literature and Arts - 10 ECTS
  • REI-3011 Tourism theory and the tourist experience - 10 ECTS
  • REI-3012 Nature and tourism in an era of climate change - 10 ECTS
  • REI-3013 Indigenous Heritages in Tourism - 10 ECTS
  • SVF-3021 Integrated Peace and Conflict Studies - 20 ECTS
  • SVF-3022 Culture, Conflict and Society - 10 ECTS
  • SVF-3207 Resilience - 10 ECTS

Spring semester courses:

Pre-Approved Electives
  • JUR-3622 International Environmental Law and Climate Change in the Arctic - 15 ECTS (Please contact Lene Emilie Øye <> for permission)
  • SOA-3006 Indigenous Culture, Resource Management and Human Rights - 10 ECTS
  • STV-3020 Indigenous Peoples - Politics, Institutions and Tools - 5 ECTS
Potential Electives
  • BIO-3004 Ecosystem-based management - 10 ECTS
  • FSK-3005 Fisheries research and management - 10 ETCS
  • FSK-3010 Market-oriented product development and innovation - 10 ECTS
  • REI-3015 Festival and event tourism - 10 ECTS (Alta)
  • SOK-3002 Advanced Natural Resource Economics - 10 ECTS
  • SPL-3011 Arctic Cities - 10 ECTS
  • STV-3046 Women and politics - 10 ECTS
  • STV-3047 Politics of Mobility and Migration - 10 ECTS

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