spring 2023
TEK-3010 Marine Operations in the Ocean Space - 10 ECTS

Type of course

The course is technical and may not be taken as a singular course.

Course content


  • The ocean environment
  • Operational challenges in the ocean space and surface border
  • Engineering tools with emphasis on Orcaflex

Advanced marine hydrodynamics

  • Kinematics and dynamics of ocean waves
  • Natural frequencies, frequency of encounter, resonance
  • Wave-induced loads and motions
  • Strip theory
  • Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs)
  • Minimization of vessel motions

Environmental criteria

  • Weather window
  • Uncertainties in weather forecasting
  • Weather-routing systems


  • Principle of Dynamic Positioning
  • Catenary and mooring analysis

Modelling and simulation of case studies

  • Marine seismic operations
  • Cable operations
  • Anchor handling
  • Bow loading
  • ROV/UAV operations

Objectives of the course


The student...

  • has a knowledge of the basic principles of marine operations in the ocean space with emphasis on how the environment is affecting the operations.
  • has a thorough understanding of the key environmental factors affecting the performance of marine operations in the ocean space,
  • has a knowledge of the fundamental hydrodynamics on as a theoretical basis for operations in the surface zone,
  • has a knowledge of the basic principles in determining the operational window based on weather conditions,
  • has a knowledge of the principles in weather-routing systems and its applications, possibilities and limitations,
  • has an overview of the principles and operational challenges of station-keeping,
  • has a good knowledge of how marine operations can be modelled and simulated.


The student...

  • is able to use appropriate SW tools to perform static and dynamic analysis of marine operations,
  • is able to understand limitations in modelling and simulation of marine operations,
  • is able to propose and evaluate solutions for planning of effective operations.


The student...

  • is able to work in project teams of Marine Operations.
  • has the foundation to acquire new and more advanced knowledge related to work tasks and operations within the marine field.
  • is able to contribute in discussions regarding relevant marine operations.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

Lectures, group-work, self-studies


Examination: Date: Duration: Grade scale:
School exam 26.05.2023 09:00
5 Hours A–E, fail F

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Compulsory exercises Approved – not approved
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More info about the coursework requirements

75 % of compulsory exercises must be approved.

Re-sit examination

Re-sit exam is not available.
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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: TEK-3010
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