autumn 2022
REI-1004 Business Economics - 10 ECTS

Type of course

Mandatory for bachelor program in Arctic Adventure Tourism. 

Course overlap

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AAT-1004 Business Economics 10 stp

Course content

The course introduces and discusses central concepts and theoretical tools within SME business management, i.e. basic cost-benefit analysis, accounting, investment theory, budgeting and target pricing.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of the course:


The candidate

  • Can explain central concepts and theoretical tools within SME business management.


The candidate:

  • Is able to apply relevant tools according to the case and context.


  • Is able to connect central issues and cases related to the economic management of a business and apply central concepts and theories.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Seminars 
  • Assignments
  • Casework
  • Class discussions

 All courses will be evaluated in accordance with the quality systems of UiT.



Examination: Date: Duration: Grade scale:
School exam 22.11.2022 09:00 4 Hours A–E, fail F

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Two individual written assignments Approved/ Not approved
Mandatory attendance (70%) Approved/ Not approved
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More info about the coursework requirements

  • Two individual written assignments
  • Mandatory attendance (70%)

Re-sit examination

If you fail your exam there will be a re-sit examination.
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  • Campus: Alta |
  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: REI-1004
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