spring 2022
REI-2010 BA Thesis Arctic Adventure Tourism - 20 ECTS

Type of course

Not open for single course entrance.

The full BA Arctic Adventure Tourism programme except for the thesis (i.e. 150 ECTS) must be passed before the submitting of the thesis for assessment. Compulsory for students in BA Arctic Adventure Tourism programme.

Obligatory prerequisites

MDA-1002 Social Media and Communication, REI-1001 Introduction to Arctic Adventure Tourism, REI-1002 Experience, Marketing and Sales, REI-1003 Arctic Tourism Management I, REI-1004 Business Economics, REI-1006 Arctic Tourism Management II, REI-1007 Event Management, REI-1009 Communication Skills, REI-1010 Intercultural Communication, REI-1503 Project Management

Course content

The purpose of the thesis is for students to gain deeper understanding of a topic or a research question, related to relevant courses, methods and theories in tourism. The process of writing the thesis, requires academic skills as well as the ability to work independently.

Objectives of the course


The candidate

  • Has in-depth knowledge on relevant aspects of the thesis topic.
  • Has an overview of theories of relevance to the thesis' empirical material.


The candidate

  • Is able to develop research questions and work systematically to address these, within the requirements of academic standards.
  • Is able to reflect upon and discuss issues of relevant theory and practice.
  • Is able to communicate relevant knowledge regarding a self-chosen topic.


The candidate

  • Is able to present academic contributions in written form, in accordance with scientific requirements.
  • Can undertake independent work processes, and actively participate in dialogue with a supervisor.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

The students work independently and in seminars, and will be assigned a supervisor.


All courses will be evaluated in accordance with the quality systems of UiT.


Coursework requirements:

  • Bachelor Thesis Proposal (1-2 pages) to be assessed and accepted by course responsible teacher(s).
  • Paper presented in seminar. The paper should be a minimum 5 pages summary, focusing on the research problem, the choice of methods and theory.

Detailed requirements will be presented in guidelines for bachelor thesis. All coursework requirements; the bachelor thesis proposal (1), paper (2) and presentation (3) must be accepted and passed as approved, in order to submit the final Bachelor Thesis.

Assessment and exam:

Submission of bachelor thesis only in spring semesters. The written thesis forms the final grade. The thesis must be completed in English.

Grading: A-E for passed exam, F for failed.

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  • Campus: Alta |
  • ECTS: 20
  • Course code: REI-2010
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