autumn 2011
GEO-3118 Environmental geology - 5 ECTS

Environmental geology
The course is administrated by
Fakultet for naturvitenskap og teknologi
Type of course
Theoretical and practical subject.
Recommended prerequisites
GEO-1001 Introduction to geology
Course contents
Environmental geology looks at issues related to human impact on nature like global warming, river regulation, groundwater- and ocean pollution as well as natural hazards such as landslides, floods and earthquakes. The relationship between geology and health is also considered. These themes are further explored through practical examples.
Objective of the course
After completing the course the students shall: - Have a broad and general understanding and knowledge of different types of geo-hazards and how they can influence human society. - Understanding of the consequences of human impact on nature; climate, river regulation, pollution of groundwater etc. - Some knowledge of how geology can influence human health (geo-medicine).
Language of instruction and examination
Teaching methods
20 h lectures, 12 h exercises.
Assessment methods

4 hours written exam. Admittance to examination requires approved course work and field report. Letter grades (A-F).

Date for examination
Skriftlig eksamen: 24.11.2011
The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced at your faculty early in May and early in November.
Skriftlig eksamen
Recommended reading/syllabus
Available on request

Lectures Autumn 2011
Intensive course, scheduled for weeks 40 and 44.Lecturers: Stein Bondevik and Jolynn Carroll.
Forelesninger F.aman. Stein Bondevik
Øvelser F.aman. Stein Bondevik
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