autumn 2023
FAR-8312 Advanced practical analytical chemistry 2 - 5 ECTS

Type of course

PhD course. This course is available as a singular course.

Admission requirements

PhD students or holders of a Norwegian master´s degree of five years or 3+ 2 years in pharmacy or molecular sciences (or equivalent, such as chemistry, biochemistry or biotechnology) may be admitted. Valid documentation is a statement from your institution that you are a registered PhD student, or a Master´s Diploma with Diploma Supplement / English translation of the diploma.

NB: The course FAR-8311 (or an equivalent course from another university) must be passed before the student can start and complete FAR-8312. These courses are given in succession in the same semester.

Course overlap

If you pass the examination in this course, you will get an reduction in credits (as stated below), if you previously have passed the following courses:

FAR-3312 Advanced practical analytical chemistry 3 ects

Course content

The course gives a deeper understanding of the use of the following techniques and instruments through practical laboratory work:

  • Sample preparation for analytical chemistry.
  • HPLC and UPLC.
  • Mass spectrometry with focus on triple quadrupole and orbitrap instruments.
  • Development of target and untarget mass spectrometric methods.
  • Statistical interpretation of analytical data, including software for identification and quantification.

Objectives of the course


The candidate…

  • shall be in the forefront of practical use of different chromatographic methods
  • shall be in the forefront of practical use of different mass spectrometers
  • shall be able to contribute to the development of new knowledge within the use of sample preparation and analytical methods.


The candidate…

  • can plan and perform complex analytical methods for pharmaceutical analysis independently.
  • can plan and perform simple metabolomics and proteomics experiments independently.

General competence

The candidate…

  • can present research and development through renowned national and international channels, including both oral and written presentation of research data.

Language of instruction and examination

Norwegian and English.

Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Lab work

The course is given intensively over 4 weeks.


Examination: Date: Grade scale:
Oral exam 24.10.2023 13:00
Passed / Not Passed
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More info about the oral exam

Oral defence of lab report and presentation

Re-sit examination

Re-sit examination is offered for the course.
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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 5
  • Course code: FAR-8312
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