spring 2021
JUR-8900 PhD Thesis, Law - 150 ECTS

Type of course

The doctoral thesis is the piece of work on which assessment for a PhD degree in law is based.

Course content

The thesis shall be on a legal science topic and shall also build on the knowledge acquired through the programme courses. The thesis must be an independent scientific work that meets international standards within the field. It must contribute to the development of new academic knowledge and be of a standard appropriate for publication as part of the scientific literature in the field.

Objectives of the course

In their thesis students must show that they can produce an independent work of a high standard as regards the formulation of research questions, concept clarification, and the methodological and theoretical basis. Strict requirements must be set as regards documentation, objectivity, transparency and completeness.

However, the standard must not be set higher than the work it would normally be practical to carry out on a thesis during the nominal length of study.

Language of instruction and examination

As a rule, the language of instruction is Norwegian.

Teaching methods

The teaching in the subject consists of academic supervision during work on the thesis. Students shall also discuss other research questions from the work on the thesis in the tuition in the various courses in the educational component. The purpose is to link the theoretical education to the work on the thesis. The student shall also present their work at an early point in the doctoral programme period (preferably within six months) and also undergo a midway assessment after around two years.


In order to submit the thesis for assessment, the educational component of 30 credits must be approved, which involves approval of a memo that reflects on the learning outcome from the completed courses, and the significance they have had for the work on the thesis. The student must also have submitted a 15-20 page scientific article that is, in form and content, suitable for publication in a legal journal.

A PhD degree in legal science is awarded on the basis of:

  • Approved completion of the courses in the educational component, or other approved academic education or qualifications.
  • An approved trial lecture on a given subject.
  • An approved scientific thesis and a satisfactory defence in a public disputation.

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  • ECTS: 150
  • Course code: JUR-8900
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