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spring 2019

GEO-8131 Deformation processes - 5 ECTS

Sist endret: 12.08.2019

The course is provided by

Faculty of Science and Technology


Tromsø |

Application deadline

Registration deadline for PhD students at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway: February 1st

Application deadline for other applicants: December 1st. Application code 9304 in Søknadsweb.

Type of course

This course is available for Ph.D. students only.

Admission requirements

Admission requirements

PhD students at UiT The Arctic University of Norway register for the course through StudentWeb by 1 February in spring semester and 1 September autumn semester.

Other applicants apply for admission through SøknadsWeb. Upload a confirmation of your status as a PhD student from your home institution.

More information regarding PhD courses at the Faculty of Science and Technology is found here.

Course content

Brittle and viscous deformation processes will be explained. Flow laws, extrapolation and rheological principles will be covered. The associated and diagnostic microstructures and textures will be analysed. The theoretical knowledge will be complemented with lab sessions using thin sections and exercises.

Objectives of the course

The course should teach students to recognize and analyse deformation microstructures in rocks and minerals. The students should be able to identfy deformation processes and use them to infer some rheological properties after completing the course.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

The course is an intensive course over a period of one week. Teaching includes lectures and practicals.


Home assignment, 10 pages.

Grading scale: Letter grades A-F, whereof F is fail.

Date for examination

Approved project hand out date 14.03.2019 hand in date 03.05.2019

The date for the exam can be changed. The final date will be announced in the StudentWeb early in May and early in November.


Recommended reading/syllabus

Available from teacher on request.