spring 2024
LAR-3900 Diploma thesis/master's project - 30 ECTS

Type of course

Cannot be taken as an individual course. Available only to students enrolled in the study programme master’s in landscape architecture.

Obligatory prerequisites

LAR-3072 Digital Landscapes, LAR-3082 Perspectives on nature and landscape practices, LAR-3091 Studio 3: Territorial practices, LAR-3092 Pre-diploma

Course content

The diploma course is an independent research and design project, where the pre-diploma report functions as the starting point for the methodology and content of the thesis. The work will result in an extensive material project, which synthesizes analyses, fieldwork, investigations, and design experiments. The diploma thesis must be linked to the landscapes in the Arctic/subarctic.

Objectives of the course

After passing the course, the student will have the following learning outcomes:


•Advanced knowledge within landscape architecture and specialized insight into Arctic/subarctic landscapes.

•In-depth understanding of the complexity connected to the diploma project and affected landscape.

•In-depth understanding of the diploma project’s historical, societal, theoretical, and methodological terms.

•In-depth understanding of the natural, social, cultural, and technological conditions which are central to the diploma project.


•The ability to implement extensive research and design project of high landscape architectural quality.

•The ability to demonstrate a convincing mastery of the landscape architecture’s theory and methods.

•The ability to synthesize analyses, research, and design experiments into a coherent project.

•The ability to demonstrate good design skills and understanding of the artistic dimension of landscape architecture.

•The ability to convey project work through advanced use of the representational forms of landscape architecture.

General competence:

•The ability to independently implement an extensive landscape architectural research and design work.

•The ability to independently analyze a complex landscape related issue and identify significant design challenges.

•The ability to reflect critically over one’s own professional competence and the societal relevance of the diploma project.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

The teaching consists primarily of individual supervision. The student will be assigned a main supervisor, who will be responsible for the student’s individual supervision. Five mid-course reviews will be held, where the student must present their project work in a group seminar.

Diploma students are expected to work independently with their project.

In addition to the main supervisors, the diploma students can elect to seek guidance with external experts or professionals to supplement the landscape architecture supervision. The student will have financial aid of up to 10 hours available for external supervision/guidance.


More info about the coursework requirements

The following course requirements must be met before the exam can take place:

  • Completed presentation of project work by participating in four of the five mid-course reviews. The student must appear in person(physically), in Tromsø, for these presentations.

More info about the oral exam

Oral exams are based on exhibited works and oral/visual presentation of the work process. Each examination will have an allotted time of 30 minutes.

Re-sit examination

If the student fails their master’s thesis/diploma project, they will be allowed to re-sit/take a continuation exam/re-sit the next time the course is held. However, the student will have to submit a new project proposal, based on the preexisting pre-diploma report. Supervision for the student will not be given.
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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 30
  • Course code: LAR-3900
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